Girls' Generation Hyoyeon and Sunny Advise Lovelyz Kei and Mijoo to be Careful Around Men

Girls' Generation Sunny + Hyoyeon | Lovelyz Kei + Mijoo
(Photo : Girls' Generation Sunny + Hyoyeon | Lovelyz Kei + Mijoo)

On an episode of "South Korean Foreigner" that aired on September 16, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and Sunny gave senior idol advice to hoobaes Lovelyz's Kei and Mijoo. There, they advised the girls to be careful of people, especially men.

During the episode, Mijoo and Kei revealed that they consider Girls' Generation as their role model. "They are a long-running group. I don't think I would have had any idols to look up to when I was younger if it weren't for Girls' Generation," Mijoo said. Kei agreed, saying, "I wanted to shine like Girls' Generation for a long time. They are my role models when it comes to their skills. They are legendary."

As their seniors, Hyoyeon and Sunny were eager to give advice to their juniors. And that they did. "You have to be careful around people," Sunny said. "You have to be careful around me. Meet in secret. I will tell you more details later in the waiting room." Hyoyeon, on the other hand, told them that their health should be their priority.

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon And Sunny Advises Lovelyz Kei and Mijoo To Be Careful Around Men
(Photo : MBC)
Girls' Generation Hyoyeon And Sunny Advises Lovelyz Kei and Mijoo To Be Careful Around Men
(Photo : MBC)

The girls of Lovelyz asked Girls' Generation if they had any advice to offer. Hyoyeon advised the girls that if there is ever a problem, it should be talked about with the members. Kei agreed, sharing that the members of Lovelyz are the type to talk about things right away if someone is upset, as they don't want the conflict to drag on.

Sunny gave more advice about men, saying, "Oftentimes, there are bad men who try to hit on members of the same group." Hearing this, Mijoo jokingly pulled out her phone, claiming she needed to record such vital advice, causing everyone to burst out laughing. Sunny continued speaking, "We would share information about that in advance. Our relationship was so good, and such a thing could harm our teamwork."

She went on to reveal a tactic men have to contact female idols. "I have heard that some senior artists would ask to exchange numbers by the vending chances. Back in our day, we used video calls."

Throughout the show, Sunny shared how Girls' Generation manages to have such good synergy. She revealed the group has a "five-minute talk" rule, where art the end of the day, the girls would talk for about five minutes. "We also promised each other that even if we are promoting separately, as we are now, we would meet once a year."

Hyoyeon revealed that the girls are huge fans of taking group photos, but they always have to take a lot to get the right shot. "It's not polite to upload the photos that only I personally like, so we always confirm with one another," Hyoyeon said. "So even if we take 100 photos, only around 3 or 4 make it."

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon And Sunny Advises Lovelyz Kei and Mijoo To Be Careful Around Men
(Photo : MBC)

Hyoyeon and Sunny were asked by the MC if they had any speculation on which member will get married first, and Hyoyeon revealed she genuinely thinks it would be her. "When I was asked about my dreams in the past, I would always say I dream of being a good wife and a wise mother." She went on to say she thinks Sunny would get married second, joking that her fellow member has been an active plant mom recently. "It makes me wonder if she is getting ready for marriage!"

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