BTS and TWICE Currently Leading Boy and Girl Group Category in 2020 AAA Fan Voting Event

STARPOLL, the official app for the upcoming '2020 Asia Artist Awards (2020 AAA)', is currently holding a fan voting event to select the top boy groups, girl groups, favorite male actors, favorite female actress, and trot singer. Keep on reading to see who topped the poll! 

BTS and TWICE Currently Leading Boy and Girl Group Category in 2020 AAA Fan Voting Event
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To commemorate the upcoming 2020 AAAs, the STARPOLL app is holding an event where the gift 1,000 points to new members for 13 days, from Nov. 10 - 23. The 2020 AAAs have a fan vote to select the most popular stars who shine this 2020 through fan vote. Points can be converted to votes through the app.

The 2020 AAA fan voting event received enthusiastic responses, surpassing 223 million votes as of 11 AM KST on Nov. 11. In the 'Best Male Idol Group' category, BTS is currently ranked first, with 41.73 million votes, of 33.4% of all votes. It's no surprise to ARMYs; BTS is currently known as the biggest boy band in the world and is often in numerous power listings by big-name publications, such as Forbes and TIME. 

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SM Entertainment boy group EXO is in second place with 29.79 million votes or 23.9% of all total votes. GOT7 is in third place with 6.38 million votes or 5.1% of the votes. Stray Kids is currently at fourth place with 6.13 million votes or 4.9% of the votes, making them the second JYP Entertainment boy group to rank in the top 4. 

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For the Best Female Idol Group' category, TWICE is currently ranked in first place with 8.2 million votes or 28.5% of the total votes. To some fans, it is not surprising anymore that TWICE is dubbed as the second 'Nation's Girl Group' and has a huge fan base in South Korea. They have ranked 2nd for three consecutive years in Gallup Korea's annual survey of most popular artists. Their song, "Cheer Up," was even used as campaign jingles with modified lyrics for both presidential candidates in the 2018 South Korean presidential election. Talk about influence! 

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YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK is currently holding second place with 6.29 million votes or 21.9% of the votes. Red Velvet is in third place, with 1.9 million votes of 6.6% of the votes. Underdogs Dreamcatcher is at fourth place with 1.79 million votes or 6.2% of the votes. 

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There are two idols within the top four of the Favorite Male Actor category. As of this time, GOT7's Jinyoung is leading with 4.1 million votes or 20.7%. Jinyoung debuted his career as an actor in 2013. He is known for the drama "When a Man a Falls in Love," and appeared in the 2016 indie film "A Stray Goal." He is best known for his roles in "Legend of the Blue Sea," "He Is Psychometric," and "When My Love Blooms." 

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The other idol who made the top four is Ong Seongwoo, who is currently in fourth place with 2.19 million votes, of 11.2% of the total votes. Following Wanna One's disbandment, he debuted as an actor with the drama "At Eighteen." 

Ong Seongwu
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Voting is still on-going. Will you be voting for your favorite group?

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