Aespa’s Techwear in Latest Choreography Video Receives Divided Opinions

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Aespa released a new choreography video featuring them clad in techwear. Their outfits in this new video have since received mixed opinions from viewers. 

Last Tuesday, Jan. 5, Aespa shared a tweet to their official fan account. In the tweet, they revealed they had plans to release a special choreography video once their debut music video, "Black Mamba", reaches 100 million views. To get the fans involved, they could decide what kind of outfits the girls can wear. They made a poll deciding between suits or techwear, and teachwear won by 59%.

Aespa’s Techwear in Latest Choreography Video Receives Divided Opinions
(Photo : Aespa Twitter)

For those who do not know, techwear is clothing made for everyday life and is designed with special fabric. It is often described as utility gear with futuristic properties and is designed and constructed with properties that allow for comfort, movement, breathability, and water-resistance.

In the video, Aespa is seen wearing black and red techwear. The girls also made use of accessories such as goggles, belts, and chokers. The members of Aespa were also seen posing with BB guns before they started playing the "Black Mamba" choreography.

Aespa’s Techwear in Latest Choreography Video Receives Divided Opinions
(Photo : Aespa Twitter)

Once the video was released, people were immediately mixed over the girl's outfits. Many had expressed disappointment, saying that they had expected higher quality techwear and that the outfits Aespa wore are far from their actual expectations. Others had hoped the stylists played with the concept of techwear more, but instead, it just looked like a regular stage outfit any idol could have worn and that Aespa should have just worn these outfits for their music show stages.

Others noted that some of the girl's outfits appeared ill-fitting on them. Giselle's pants looked too high, which people suspected is because of her tiny waist. Karina and Winter's pants appeared to not flatter them because of the elastic on the legs. While people agreed that the pants fit the legs fine, it is disappointing that the waist part could not accentuate their fit figures. Some people described their waists as "fluffy" due to their styling.

Aespa’s Techwear in Latest Choreography Video Receives Divided Opinions
(Photo : Aespa Twitter)

Many people compared Aespa's techwear outfits to other groups who have also sported the concept, such as MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, SuperM, and BLACKPINK. While people praised these idol groups for their techwear, people expressed sadness that Aespa could not live up to expectations. Still, there are people who defended the girls, saying that they looked exceptionally pretty in this video and that the clothes suited them.

Aespa’s Techwear in Latest Choreography Video Receives Divided Opinions
(Photo : Aespa Twitter)

This is not the first time people have been disappointed in Aespa's styling. Back on Dec. 18, Aespa's outfits at the "KBS Gay Daechukje" were slammed for being messy and uncoordinated, as it appeared that the girls did not have a cohesive concept that pulled them together as a group. It was soon revealed that the outfits are from designer brand Givenchy and are not yet available to the public, meaning Aespa was most likely sent the outfits in advance.

(Photo : Aespa Twiiter)

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The girls were slammed for their outfits again at the "SBS Gayo Daejun", with people saying their outfits looked plain and unattractive. People had commented that their outfits for music shows looked nicer and that the stylists should not have tried to make them look so unique.

Aespa’s Outfit Once Again Slammed For Being Strange at the ‘2020 SBS Gayo Daejun’
(Photo : SBS Instagram)

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What do you think of Aespa's styling?

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