MAMAMOO Moonbyul Shares What Her Members Did When They Ran Into Her High School Bully

Recently, MAMAMOO's Moonbyul told a story on NAVER NOW, for which she serves as a DJ, about the time when she was bullied in high school and when she felt much support from her bandmates.

During the said program, Moonbyul started her story by saying, "When I was a third year high school student, I participated in several auditions because I wanted to become a singer. But I was bullied for it." What made it more difficult for her was the fact that the ones who were bullying her used to be her friends.

"It was really hard. We used to be close, but they began cursing me out," MAMAMOO Moonbyul confessed. The idol then said that she later found out that her friends were jealous of her since she already found her dream (to become a singer) at a young age, so they decided to bully her. She further stated that her other classmates defended her during that time and she was able to make new friends, but she again confessed that it was still difficult for her.

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MAMAMOO Once Met One of Moonbyul's High School Bullies

Later on, Moonbyul shared that after becoming a singer, she unexpectedly ran into one of her high school bullies on the streets when she was with her fellow MAMAMOO members. Moonbyul narrated, "While I was working, we met one of the girls who bullied me back then. She was living a tough life. My fellow members knew the story of me getting bullied, so they all glared at the girl. I felt like I could trust and depend on them. I thought, 'my friends are here for me.'"

To end her story, MAMAMOO's rapper said that she is naturally traumatized by her past with bullies but she was able to gain new and better friends as well as members who care for her. She stated, "Before, it was very hard and it used to really stress me out. One of the bullies even requested to follow me. But now, I realized that it's not a big deal anymore."

MAMAMOO is Known for Their Teamwork and Giving Full Support to Members

MAMAMOO is described as a diverse group with one of the best vocal and dancing skills. Ever since the members Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul, and Wheein, entered the world of K-pop, these stunning ladies have been slaying with their various talents and personalities. But despite their differences, the quartet is well-known for their teamwork and their affection toward the group.


Even their management company, RBW Entertainment, previously said that the members have great attachment and pride toward MAMAMOO hence they believe that the group will continue as four in the future. In addition, the members are known for being supportive of each other, whether doing solo activities or promoting as a group. Considering this, it's no wonder why the rest of MAMAMOO members acted that way upon seeing Moonbyul's high school bully.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Moonbyul and Solar have renewed their exclusive contract with RBW Entertainment, while Hwasa and Wheein are still in discussion.

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