BTS, GOT7, SHINee, aespa & More: These are K-Pop Acts with the Most-Liked Music Videos in February 2021

BTS, GOT7, SHINee and aespa
Octo Pops took a look at the K-Pop artists with the most liked music videos last month.(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account, GOT7 Official Instagram Account, SHINee Official Instagram Account and aespa Official Instagram Account)

Several K-Pop acts continue to make waves in different streaming sites and music charts lately. On Wednesday, March 3, Octo Pops took a look at the K-Pop artists with the most liked music videos in February 2021. Keep on reading to see who made it to the top this time!

BTS, GOT7, SHINee & aespa Got the Most Music Video Likes in February 2021

BTS made another record after the clip of their cover on Coldplay's "Fix You" got the most likes on YouTube in February 2021. Most, if not all, fans can recall that Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga performed the inspirational track during their appearance on "MTV Unplugged" and delivered a goose-bum-inducing and angelic rendition of the song.

As of this writing, the "Fix You" video cover of BTS already garnered a total of 1,330,531 million views with more than 567,000 likes and 44,147 comments. Coming close in the second place is GOT7 after its "ENCORE" official music video got a total of 1,271,647 views last month.

Most, if not all, fans can recall that GOT7 just launched their official YouTube Channel and released their comeback track in February. As of press time, the group has amassed more than 1.51 million subscribers and earned more than 2.8 million views already.

SHINee, who just made their comeback last month, effortlessly made it to the No. 3 with the "Don't Call Me" music videos. In February 2021 alone. "Don't Call Me" got 1,171,886 views. "Forever" by aespa, garnered more than 1,103,000 views, which landed the group in the No. 4 spot.

Of all the entries in the top 10, BTS secured a total of five spots. The "Blue & Grey," "Telepathy," "Life Goes On (Live Version)" and "Dynamite" music videos of Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga nabbed the fifth up to the eighth spots in the list.

The "Blue & Grey" MV got 1,035831 views while "Telepathy" got more than 994,000 views last month. The "Life Goes On" live version video, on the other hand, garnered 847,000 views and "Dynamite" collected more than 752,000 views.

Wrapping the top 10 are DAHYUN x CHAEYOUNG and TXT. The "Switch to Me" video of DAHYUN and CHAEYOUNG got 680,548 views while the "Way Home" clip of TXT garnered more than 645,200 views in February 2021 alone.

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BTS, SHINee and NCT Are the Male K-Pop Groups with the Highest Album Sales Last Month

Meanwhile, Hanteo recently revealed BTS has the highest number of album sales in February 2021. As a matter of fact, the "BE: Deluxe Edition" album of the South Korean boy band was bought more than 628,600 times last month.

SHINee also dominated the list with "Don't Call Me," which dols 127,200 copies. The "NCT 2018" album of NCT, which was released more than two years ago, continues to sell as it was purchased more than 61,610 times in February. Other acts who made it to the list are CIX, ONF, NCT DREAM and CRAVITY among others.

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