K-pop Songs and Albums Distributed by Kakao Entertainment to be Available on Spotify Again

K-pop fans, rejoice! Your favorite K-pop songs and albums will be available on Spotify globally once again, including Korea!

K-pop Songs and Albums Removed from Spotify Early This March

On March 1, hundreds of K-pop songs and albums that were released after 2019 and distributed by Kakao Entertainment (previously Kakao M) were removed from Spotify, shocking fans and artists. Music from artists like IU, Sunmi, HyunA, Jessi, MAMAMOO, GFRIEND, Apink, (G)I-DLE, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, BTOB, and more, was no longer available on the streaming platform.

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In a statement via NME, British Media, Spotify explained that the removal of Kakao Entertainment's distributed K-pop songs and albums was due to the expiration of the licensing deal between the two companies. Both companies have been in discussions about the renewal of their licensing deal since earlier this month.

 But artists and fans need not wait any longer as the K-pop songs and albums distributed by Kakao Entertainment will return to Spotify globally, including Korea.

K-pop Songs and Albums Distributed by Kakao Entertainment to Return to Spotify

On March 11, Spotify and Kakao Entertainment have announced that they have renewed their global licensing agreement, making Kakao's music available on the streaming platform worldwide once again. A Spotify spokesperson said to Variety that Kakao Entertainment's content and artists will return to Spotify, and so 345+ global listeners across 170 countries can enjoy their favorite songs once again.

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The rep also remarked that Spotify's mission has always been to create a connection between the artists and their fans all around the world, as well as to give listeners the chance to listen to all of the world's distinct music.

Another good news is that all K-pop songs and albums distributed by Kakao Entertainment will also be available on Spotify in South Korea. But besides these, Korean listeners will also be able to access the platform's more than 70 million songs and four billion playlists, according to the Spotify rep. They concluded that they are dedicated to creating a positive impact on Korea's music streaming ecosystem through partnerships with companies, local right holders, and artists.

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Kakao Entertainment also released a statement, announcing that they have reached an agreement with Spotify and will be providing its music content to the streaming platform for service in and outside of Korea. The Korean label added, "Through its diverse partnerships across the globe including Spotify, Kakao Entertainment hopes that music lovers worldwide can easily access the artists and music content to enjoy K-pop."

The agency ended its statement by saying that they remain committed to the Korean music ecosystem and its growth and that they will continue to protect the rights of artists, companies, and local rights holders.

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When Will the K-pop Songs and Albums Be Back on Spotify?

While both Spotify and Kakao Entertainment announced that they have renewed their global licensing deal, neither of them mentioned when the music will be available on the streaming platform once again, but it will most likely reappear in the upcoming days. Additionally, both agencies did not specify what will happen to the previous streams of K-pop songs and albums.

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