Amorepacific's HERA Brand To Launch Signature 'Rouge Holic' Line in the US

HERA, the luxury beauty brand from South Korean beauty giant Amorepacific, is set to debut on the United States market, opening exclusively on Amazon.

The move will mark the first time that the Korean luxury beauty brand will be made available to US consumers directly from HERA itself since the brand was established back in 1995.

In celebration of the groundbreaking event, HERA will be starting with the launch of its signature "Rogue Holic" line, featuring new shades in collaboration with its brand ambassador - Jennie Kim from the global K-Pop phenomenon BLACKPINK.

(Photo : HERA/ Anker Innovations)

In a statement, the Amorepacific brand explains that Jennie - who has been its brand ambassador since 2019 - was chosen not just because of her incredible charms and visuals but because of her passion in everything she does and in her confidence to be herself. The BLACKPINK member perfectly embodies the HERA brand philosophy of "finding and expressing the confident, strong and unique individual beauty that exists deep within oneself."

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The first set of HERA collection exclusives for its US launch will include the hit "New Classic" Rouge Holic line - the popular matte lipstick line that offers a smooth texture and a richly pigmented color that maintains an overall comfortable feel.

Available in a range of tints, such as "Misty" to the darker "Mauve Wood," the lipstick line has been known for adding a subtle yet beautiful glow that further accentuates the lips' natural volume through its "Brilliant Pigment Cutting" technology.

Also, drawing from aesthetic concepts often employed in architectural designs, the New Classic elevates its hues to an undeniably luxurious level.

HERA Rouge Holic will be available starting March 29 on Amazon US. For more information about HERA's first offering, more details are available on the HERA online portal.

HERA Rouge Holic Lipstick Line
(Photo : HERA/ Anker Innovations)

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About HERA

HERA is a contemporary luxury beauty brand based in Seoul, South Korea. With its bold and innovative product lines, this Amorepacific brand continuously defines and sets trends in beauty, as well as introducing the values that shaped Korean women across the world. It stands by its philosophy of finding one's natural beauty - one that is rooted in having an inner sense of confidence, and the courage to bring it out to fully shine.

It aims to bring out the "Seoulista" in each and every woman, an attractive woman with a "natural and well-honed instinct to see beyond beauty and fashion trends to create her own, inimitable style" - a trait perfectly embodied by the BLACKPINK member Jennie. More than simply referring to the modern South Korean woman, HERA redefines the Seoulista as a beauty icon that goes beyond what is skin deep - fostering a progressive attitude that helps develop culture and society.

In the time of globalization, this recent move by HERA into the US market could only mean one thing - more power for the American woman to find and create her own Seoulista.

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