New Terms of Advertising Contracts in Discussions Following Controversies Involving K-pop Idols

Several K-pop idols were embroiled in controversies such as bullying, sexual harassment, or drinking underage in the past few months. Considering these, new terms of advertising contracts are currently in talks as some Korean brands were affected by these previous issues. 

New Terms of Advertising Contracts are Being Tackled after Several K-pop Idols Faced Controversies

On April 14, an official from a company said that there were new provisions during the discussions of advertising contracts. They said that if a photo of a celebrity showing them drinking as a student would surface online during the contract period with Korean brands, there is a condition in which the idols would be asked to pay the damage twice the down payment.

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The official added that there are cases in which a penalty fee is paid when the past wrongdoings of the K-pop idols are hidden, or the agency is unaware of it, and it would later become a problem. 

Another industry source said that Korean brands could ask celebrities if they have acted wrongly in the past before signing an advertising contract with them. They could also ask if there may be photographs or evidence showing their wrong deeds, but they should also trust the celebrities' words. 

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Because of the past controversies concerning the school life of the K-pop idols, the Korean brands for which they are modeling would be significantly affected. If their models were involved in controversies, the issue would directly affect the product's image, and corporate sales would decline. 

An official from the advertising industry said that there had been frequent disputes between the entertainment agency and advertiser because of the damage caused by social insults of celebrities. In 1980, aspects about celebrities' serious crimes, such as drugs, adultery, assault, fraud, smuggling, etc., were added to the terms of advertising contracts.

In the 2010s, gambling, driving under the influence, sexual harassment, and military service avoidance were included in the contract. According to the official, controversies about drinking, smoking, and bullying during school days are being discussed. 

APRL Naeun, Stray Kids Hyunjin, & More: K-Pop Idols Who Were Involved in Controversies and Are Models for Korean Products

APRIL Naeun is one of the K-pop idols who faced various controversies in the past months. Naeun, along with her bandmates, was accused of bullying former APRIL Hyunjoo. She was also involved in pre-debut rape joke and dating rumors with former A-JAX Yoonyoung.

Following these issues, various brands for which APRIL Naeun models have removed the female idol's advertisement materials. These include Dongsuh Foods, Good Day soju, J.ESTINA, JinnyKim, and Samjin Pharmacy's Geworin tablets.

Stray Kids Hyunjin is another K-pop idol who found himself in a bullying controversy. Thus, make-up brand CLIO decided to continue the collaboration with the seven members in the meantime.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE Soojin, who was also accused of school bullying, was chosen as the ambassador for Peripera, a makeup collection brand that CLIO cosmetics launched. The Korean brand has since stopped its activities with the idol and took down ads featuring Soojin.

Recently, a new K-pop idol was involved in a controversy. Apink Chorong has been accused of drinking underage. The female idol currently models for Chungbuk Soju, and because of her recent issue, the Korean brand is uncertain whether or not to renew the contract with Chorong.

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