BTS Jin Diet Plan 2021: 'Life Goes On' Singer Sacrificed His Own Health and Wellness Because of This

BTS member Jin admitted to having unhealthy eating habits in the past just so he could lose weight.(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

BTS member Jin was voted as one of the most handsome faces of 2020. Most ARMYs admire his good looks and fit body aside from his exemplary talent in singing and song writing.

With the group's hectic schedule, many fans are wondering how Jin can maintain a good health. Keep on reading to know more details about this gorgeous and admirable BTS member.

(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

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BTS Jin's Diet Plan Revealed

In 2017, during an appearance on JTBC's "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" show, Jin revealed that he had an extremely unhealthy eating habit in the past. The BTS member said that his strict diet only allowed him to eat two chunks of chicken breast daily for one whole year.

The "Life Goes On" singer even divulged that he refused to take vitamins while he was on a diet in an attempt to lose as much weight as he can. However, the unhealthy eating habit took a toll on his health and resulted in malnutrition and health risks.

(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

The good thing is, BTS member Jin already learned his lesson that he discouraged everyone to follow his unhealthy diet in the past. Instead of eating only chicken breast or starving yourself, it is better to eat food that contain lean protein and low in carbohydrates.

Research suggested that intermittent fasting and plant-based diets are among the most best diet plans to follow when trying to shred a significant amount of weight. Intermittent diet, for starters, restricts the time a person is allowed to eat, which is also one of the simplest wats to reduce the intake of calorie. Studies showed that this diet plan could cause 3% to 8% weight loss over three to 24 weeks.

Plant-based diets, on the other hand, encourages one to eat legumes, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. It does not restrict you to eat protein and animal products but intake for these food types should be in moderation.

(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

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BTS Jin Addresses Disbandment Scare

Meanwhile, Jin finally addressed the 2018 disbandment scare during the group's recent appearance on tvN's "You Quiz on The Block." The BTS member revealed that they thought about disbanding since they had a hard time adapting to everything at the time.

Luckily, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, V, RM and Suga did not give up. Instead, the BTS members decided to gather around and continue achieving their dreams as a group. Because of everyone's cooperation, Jin felt blessed and grateful that all of his co-members decided to continue.

(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

BTS Jin even thanked all of his bandmates for all the love he has been receiving from him. Most of all, the "Dynamite" hitmaker is very thankful to all ARMYs for always giving their unwavering love and support to all of the group's activities.

Though it was already in the past, Jin divulged there are times that he recalls the rocky situation they were in. However, the BTS member said those memories also remind him to be always grateful, especially since the entire group was able to overcome the lowest moments of their careers.

(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

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