Dispatch Selects the Top 8 Female Idols Who Rocked Bobbed Hair

Dispatch Selects the Top 8 Female Idols Who Rocked Bobbed Hair
(Photo : News1 | Lisa Instagram)

On Thursday, Apr. 15, Dispatch revealed their top eight female idols who rocked bobbed hair on their Instagram, @koreadispatch. Want to know who they chose? Then keep on reading!


(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

Lisa has been rocking bobbed hair since the girl's "How You Like That" comeback. It appears the Thai idol is loving the 'do, as she is still maintaining the style until now!

Whether the idol has bangs or shows us her forehead, Lisa looks good with short hair! It can make her look both cute and sexy and definitely compliments her face shop!

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2. Brave Girls' Yuna

(Photo : Yuna Instagram)

Yuna, who recently saw a rise in popularity thanks to Viditor's YouTube video featuring Brave Girls, gained attention for being the cutie with the bobbed hair!

The idol first rocked the bobbed hair look in 2017 for Brave Girls' "Rollin'" promotions. For a while, she kept her hair long but cut it back short in Jan. 2021 and maintained it until now. Yuna has often been dubbed as the "Short hair noona" thanks to her iconic look!

3. TWICE's Jeongyeon

(Photo : News1)

For TWICE's early days, Jeongyeon rocked extremely short hair. Nowadays, however, Jeongyeon's styling is much more flexible, and there are times where she lets her hair grow long.

However, a fan-favorite look is when Jeongyeon has bobbed hair! While it still accentuates her girl crush aura, it also adds a lovely and cute charm to the female idol.

4. Red Velvet's Wendy

(Photo : News1)

Wendy first sported bobbed hair for Red Velvet's "Zimzalabim" era, and she maintained the look for the group's "Psycho" comeback. Prior to 2019, Wendy has exclusively had long, flowy hair. Cutting her hair short was definitely a refreshing change that suits Wendy's bright and fun personality!

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5. Oh My Girl's Arin

(Photo : Arin Instagram)

Arin surprised fans with her elevated visuals and bobbed hair for Oh My Girl's "NONSTOP" promotions. The female idol rocked bobbed hair and bangs that further enhanced her youthful visuals.

As the maknae of Oh My Girl, she totally lived up to her pure and angelic image. Even non-fans fell in love with Arin!

6. Girls' Generation's Yoona

(Photo : Yoona Instagram)

In 2018, Girls' Generation's Yoona proved she was able to rock any sort of hairstyle by showcasing a bobbed haircut! Known as the "Nation's Center," the female idol flaunted her refreshing visuals with the 'do.

The rumors are true—no matter what style Yoona dons, she will look amazing!

7. ITZY's Ryujin

(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

Ryujin has been rocking bobbed hair ever before her debut! Ever since her appearance on "Stray Kids" and as a contestant on "MIXNINE," Ryujin has had the same haircut. While she experimented with different colors, the hairstyle remains. It is no surprise why—Ryujin is known for her girl crush aura, and the hairstyle definitely enhances that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

8. GFRIEND's Eunha

(Photo : News1)

Eunha often shifts from having bobbed hair to long flowing locks. While both suit the GFRIEND member perfectly, fans agree that the bobbed look enhances Eunha's cute charms.

With her mochi-like cheeks, fair skin, and adorable features, the bobbed look only complements the "MAGO" singer's charms.

Which female idol suits the bobbed hair look the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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