AOA member Mina Worries Fans with Cryptic Post and Bloody Self-Harm Photo

AOA member Mina Worries Fans with Cryptic Post and Bloody Self-Harm Photo
(Photo : Mina Instagram)

Is former AOA member Mina okay? Fans are left bothered and spooked as for two days in the row, Mina took to her social media to share some feelings and thoughts she rarely showed in the past, even though she was already subjected to intense online hate since July 2020. 

Mina Hits Back at an 'Average Person' in a Lengthy Post

Former AOA member Mina  did not mince words when she posted a lengthy message on her Instagram against an "average, non-celebrity person." While the post was quickly taken down, many were able to read the outpour of her emotions against someone she kept describing as being average. 

The following day, the singer-actress posted on her Instagram once more, this time a picture with even more disturbing content. The photo has also been deleted. Now fans are worried and have been trying to reach out to her by sending her private and public messages and words of encouragement. 

Former AOA member Mina, real name Kwon Min-ah has had enough of people who do not really know her saying bad stuff about her. 

On April 26, she went to Instagram and placed a lengthy rant post against someone she did not specifically name. She accused this person of falsely accusing her of being mean to someone at a particular hospital and defended herself, claiming it is impossible for her to be mean in this entertainment industry because that would mean risking her reputation and job. She, however, claimed she is merely a human being that gets "panic attacks, bleeds, and even cries," but deemed that these actions are well within her rights. 

She also admitted to still having breakdowns even if she is already taking antidepressants. She ended her post by claiming from now on she is no longer afraid to do what she wants because she has truly nothing to lose, anyway. She then advises her haters not to read her posts anymore if they do not like her instead of cursing and swearing at her. 

Mina Returns to Social Media with Mangled, Bloody Hand Photo

This lengthy post was quickly taken down, although it is unclear whether she did it by her own volition or someone provoke her to. However, the following day, she took to her social media again to lambast other haters, this time a picture of her committing self-harm. 

The picture can be described as truly disturbing since there was simply too much blood, especially at a mangled hand that appears to be hers. In her caption, she implied that her haters have forced her to commit self-harm. 

"Why, does this look dirty to you? Does looking at this make you feel squeamish?" the 27-year-old wrote. "All your words have forced me to do this. [You say] I'm putting on a show and [pretending to be] suicidal? You say I do it just to get sympathy; so give me some of it."

She added that those who kept telling her to see a psychiatrist do not even know she's been seeking professional help for over a decade now. However, they continue to lambast her as if they have lived "a day in her shoes."

This image was taken down, probably because it is not even allowed based on Instagram standards, or because Mina has come around. Still, those fans who truly cared about her are bothered and have sent out messages offering her help and words of encouragement. 

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Mina Subjected to Bullying Since July 2020 

While these sudden events may be startling, one can surmise that these are merely the result of her breaking down in the middle of all the online hate targeted at her. It can be recalled that back in July 2020, she accused the members of her former group, AOA of bullying her. 

However, instead of taking her side, many had been bullying her online since then and sending her death threats. Mina has accused then AOA leader Shin Jimin of body-shaming her, badmouthing her, and bullying her. She confessed to trying suicide more than once just to escape what Jimin has reportedly been subjecting her to. 



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