Korean News Outlets Slammed for Excluding Giselle in aespa Group Photos

South Korean media outlets receive flak for continuously excluding aespa member Giselle from group photos. Keep on reading for all the details.

Korean Media Outlets Slammed for Excluding Giselle in aespa Group Photos
(Photo : aespa Twitter | News)

Korean Media Outlets Under Fire for Excluding aespa Giselle in Group Photos

aespa is currently one of the hottest rookies in K-pop, with the girl group topping this month's brand reputation rankings among girl groups and all the members ranking within the top ten of the individual female idol brand reputation rankings.

Despite that, one member of the group is presumed to be often forgotten by South Korean media outlets — Giselle.

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

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aespa recently attended the 2021 Dream Concert music festival and was one of the most anticipated acts of the night due to their popularity and beauty. They made a strong impression the moment they entered the carpet.

However, during the photo-op and video-taking portion of the event, Giselle was cut off the frame despite Karina specifically mentioning her during her comment time.

Additionally, numerous outlets have chosen to publish group photos that only contain Karina, Winter, and Ningning. Though Giselle is the group's main rapper and is a vital part of the group, she is often left out in photos.

Many people pointed out that this is not the first time Giselle has been unfairly edited or excluded from photos.

Back in 2020, following the group's schedule as KSPO Dome, some South Korean media outlets blurred Giselle's face from candid photos taken from the group. People speculated that the photographer confused Giselle as a staff member.

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Additionally, SBS TV did not upload any solo photos of Giselle on their Instagram account following aespa's performance at the SBS Gayo Daejeon 2020, despite uploading solo images of Karina, Winter, and Ningning.

Sadly, Giselle is not only left out in press photos and videos but also during television programs.

aespa then appeared in "Weekly Idol" back in May, and the program decided to cut out Giselle's individual talent from the broadcast. Likewise, during aespa's appearance on "Knowing Bros," her cover song was not aired on broadcast despite it being used for the episode's teaser.  

The fact that Giselle has been forgotten by South Korean media outlets more than once has angered fans. MYs, aespa fandom, took to Twitter to trend the hashtags #RESPECTGISELLE and #aespa_is_FOUR. Internet users have been reportedly trying to contact news outlets since December 2020 but to no avail.

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What do you think of the situation? Do you think South Korean media outlets are intentionally excluding Giselle? Tell us in the comments below!

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