IN THE LOOP: BTS ‘Permission to Dance,’ THE BOYZ ‘Drink It’ and More of This Week's Hottest K-Pop Releases

The K-Pop industry drops a new song almost every day, and it can be hard to keep track of all the latest releases. Hence, here's a run-down of all of the K-Pop songs that were just released this week!

1. DIA's Yebin - "Yes I Know"

On July 7, DIA member Yebin made her solo debut with her single "Yes I Know."

"Yes I Know" is a pop ballad track that features a mix of acoustic guitar and electric guitar sounds, accompanied by Yebin's beautifully calming and sweet voice.

2. Kim Woojin (former Stray Kids) - "Still Dream"

Kim Woojin released his pre-debut single, "Still Dream," on July 8. "Still Dream" revolves around the will and determination to continue going further without losing one's dream, despite experiencing the darkest of hardships. Kim Woojin accompanies the song with a stellar choreography that depicts the emotions he hopes to convey in his lyrics.

Although "Still Dream" doesn't mark his official debut, fans are already looking forward to his official debut song.

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3. Moon Jongup (former B.A.P) - "Us"

Two months after making his solo debut, Moon Jongup made a comeback with his first extended play, "Us," on July 8. Besides his great vocals, Moon Jongup also gives us a peek at the addicting choreography of "Us" in the music video - which showcases just how good he is at dancing!

4. Hyolyn (former SISTAR) - "To Find a Reason"

Power vocal Hyolyn released her new song "To Find a Reason" on July 8. Compared to her previous releases, this new song - that was composed, written, and produced by Hyolyn - features a more emotional and raw side of her that might hit close to heart.

5. BTS - "Permission to Dance"

BTS made their comeback with the highly-anticipated "Permission to Dance" on July 9.

As part of their "Butter" CD version, "Permission to Dance" was co-written by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The song features piano and string sounds, while lyrically, it is about not losing hope in the time of the pandemic.

What's notable about the choreography for "Permission to Dance" is that it features sign language movements, some of which mean "dance," "peace," and "fun."

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6. THE BOYZ - "Drink It"

THE BOYZ returned with their new single "Drink It" with the global K-Pop platform, UNIVERSE, on July 11.

In addition, fellow THE BOYZ members Eric and Sunwoo had participated in writing the rap lyrics for the song.

Unfortunately, the full music video of "Drink It" is only available on UNIVERSE, but fans can still watch the preview version of the song.

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7. Minzy (former 2NE1) - "Teamo"

Released on July 11, "Teamo" is Minzy's first release in over a year. "Teamo" is a Latin-inspired song, with Minzy's music video being focused on the dance performance as she shows a sensual yet energetic choreography.

Which new release is your favorite?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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