BTS Jimin Thanks Fans After Belatedly Discovering Fan-Made Song Dedicated to Him

BTS Jimin
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Last year, fans made a song, especially for Jimin. A year later, Jimin finally saw it and expressed his gratitude!

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BTS Jimin Thanks Fans After Belatedly Discovering Fan-Made Song Dedicated to Him

On August 10, BTS' resident mochi, Jimin, thanked the fans, collectively known as ARMY, who made a song in dedication to him through the global fan community platform, Weverse.

Back in October 2020, in celebration of Jimin's 26th birthday on October 13, a fan community from Vietnam called "Live for Jimin's Vocal" had composed an original song called "Sarang," which means "love" in Korean, in dedication to the "Filter" singer and as a gift for his birthday.

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BTS Jimin
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The song was sung in Korean and is accompanied by a music video, which features a collection of heartwarming moments of Jimin throughout the years, and beautiful animation made by the Vietnamese fans through a public contest.

And recently, after almost a year, Jimin finally saw and listened to the song! Back on August 9, BTS held a very special fan meeting through Zoom, which was attended by 200 lucky fans.

During the fan meeting, one fan had asked Jimin and the members if they knew that Vietnamese ARMY had made a song called "Sarang" for Jimin's birthday.

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BTS Jimin
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Jimin responded saying, "I'll definitely look up for it after this is over."

The following day after the Zoom fan meeting, he posted on Weverse to reveal that he had indeed finally listened to the song and even attached a screenshot as proof.

In the post, which shows the music video of "Sarang," he accompanied it with a caption saying, "I'm sorry that I found out late. Thank you so much."

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BTS Jimin
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Jimin's Weverse post

When fans saw that Jimin finally heard the song after 10 months, many expressed their happiness and were touched by Jimin and ARMY's interaction. The song is also gaining popularity among fans around the world.

In fact, even before Jimin listened to the fan-made song, many fans were already touched while listening to "Sarang," expressing how the song is really good and even made them cry.

Listen to "Sarang" here:

Jimin Reveals He's Allergic to Cats

After making a promise to hold a V-Live, Jimin stayed true to his word. In his latest V-Live, Jimin revealed a surprising fact about himself that ARMY never knew.

During the V-Live, one fan had asked Jimin if he had any plans to adopt a pet in the future, to which Jimin reveals that although he likes cats, he is actually allergic to them!

This new revelation comes as a surprise considering he was seen on multiple occasions with a cat. But since the severity of an allergy is different for each person, it may be that Jimin can't be around a cat for a long period of time.

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When it comes to adopting a dog, Jimin explains that due to his busy schedule, he wouldn't be able to properly spend time and give the dog the attention it needs.

Jimin adds that he might adopt one when he is in his 40s or 50s, though!

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