Three N.Flying Members Tested Positive for COVID-19, Now In Self-Quarantine

FNC Entertainment, N.Flying's agency, stated on September 3 that Lee Seung-hyeop, Yoo Hoe-seung, and Seo Dong-Seong are positive of COVID-19.

Three of the N.Flying members test positive of COVID-19

They revealed that on September 2, Lee Seung-hyeop, Yoo Hoe-seung, and Seo Dong-Seong noticed abnormal symptoms in their health conditions, and immediately carried out testing with a self-testing kit. When the self-testing kit came out positive, all three members quickly received PCR testing. And as of September 3, the three N.Flying members were declared positive of COVID-19.

On the other hand, Kim Jae-hyeon and Cha Hoon, the other members of N.Flying, have tested negative with their self-test kit. However, they are waiting for the results of the PCR testing.

N.Flying, a powerful band sound that will fly in the moonlight
(Photo : N.Flying Twitter)

Now, Lee Seung-hyeop, Yoo Hoe-seung, and Seo Dong-Seong are following the disease control department's guidelines while in quarantine. The other N.Flying members, Kim Jae-hyeon and Cha Hoon also plan to quickly stop all their upcoming activities and self-quarantine as well.

Moreover, all of the staff members who came in contact with the N.Flying members were notified and they are now undergoing PCR tests as well.

N.Flying, a powerful band sound that will fly in the moonlight
(Photo : N.Flying Twitter)

The agency, FNC Entertainment, promises to do their best so that their artists can recover as soon as possible. They noted that they are always putting the health and safety of their artists as the topmost priority. They gave their apologies for causing concerns for many with the news. The company assured that they are following the disease control department's guidelines as ardently as they can.

COVID-19 Affects Several K-Pop Artists

As the COVID-19 still dominates the whole world, the music industry is being affected as well, not only with halted concerts and live shows but the artists have been affected as well.

Recently, five members of the seven-member boy group ENHYPEN were diagnosed with COVID-19 all at once.

Last September 2, BeLift Lab, the agency who handles ENHYPEN, announced that the group's featured appearance at "KCON:TACT," the world's first-ever online K-Culture Festival, will be cancelled. The agency declared that Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Jungwon, and Sunghoon all tested positive for COVID-19; and they are now in self-isolation.

(Photo : ENHYPEN Facebook)

BeLift Lab also apologized to the fans that were waiting for ENHYPEN's appearance. They assured that they will be putting all of their efforts to help the members recover soon.

Meanwhile last August 28, Starship Entertainment announced that two IZ*ONE members, An Yu Jin and Jang Won Young received a note that their schedules overlapped because an external staff member had been tested positive for COVID-19. On August 29, An Yu Jin's PCR test results came back negative. Unfortunately, Jang Won Young's test came out positive for the virus.

Ahn Yu Jin and Jang Won Young
(Photo : Kpopstarz)

Jang Won Young is currently taking the necessary measures according to the disease control department's guidelines and is also in self-quarantine. Even though An Yu Jin's test was negative, she will still be suspending her schedules until further notice in order to take preventive measures and to go into self-quarantine as well.

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