BLACKPINK Jisoo Disappoints for Having the Same Expression in All Her Photos

BLACKPINK Jisoo Disappoints for Having the Same Pose in All Her Photos
(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

BLACKPINK member Jisoo received mixed opinions after a series of new photos of her were shared from the opening event of a Dior Popup Store in Seoul was shared by Harper's Bazaar Korea.

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Does BLACKPINK Jisoo Have the Same Pose and Expression in All Her Photos?

On September 7, BLACKPINK member Jisoo attracted the attention of fans when she appeared at the Dior Popup Store, named Dior Lady Art, in Seoul, South Korea. The global female ambassador of the luxury brand showed off her stunning visuals and chic aura in a glamour denim dress with black tulle at the bottom.

(Photo : Harper's Bazaar Korea Instagram)

While many complimented her visuals, some people had also commented that Jisoo's expressions appeared awkward and lacked variety. Although Harper's Bazaar shared ten photos of Jisoo from the event, people claimed that all ten photos looked the same due to lack of variety in her expression and pose.

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People commented that Jisoo's expression has gotten boring and repetitive. The idol is always seen staring into the camera seriously, with her lips slightly pursued and opened. The main difference is whether she tilts her head to the left, to the right, or keeps her head straight.

Many believe her pose looks rehearsed, leading people to hope that she will experiment with different expressions more.

(Photo : Harper's Bazaar Korea Instagram)

This is not the first time people have been disappointed by Jisoo's awkward and unnatural expressions. In the past, people have already stated that Jisoo's beauty is given justice through video since fans can see the dynamics of her face and a variety of expressions. However, in photos, her beauty is considered "erratic."

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Despite trying out various styles for magazine pictorial of concept photos for BLACKPINK, Jisoo still shows the same expression with her eyes and her lips. While many acknowledge that Jisoo has outstanding visuals, people claim she still has many awkward moments and is not as comfortable in front of the camera as her fellow members.

(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

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BLACKPINK Jisoo Recent Activities

On August 9, 2021, BLACKPINK member Jisoo was named the new model for the Korean short brand CELEBe.

(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

In July 2021, it was announced that filming for "Snowdrop," the drama that Jisoo has a lead role in, has completed filming. "Snowdrop" marks Jisoo's first lead role in a drama. Jisoo's character is currently unnamed, but it has been revealed that she shelters Im Soo Hoo (played by Jung Hae In) after finding him in her dorm room, bloodied, at a women's university.

Her character falls in love with Im Soo Ho at first sight and, despite the political upheaval due to the 1987 Democracy Movement, the two develop a romantic relationship.

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