Alleged Video of Former EXO Kris Handcuffed During Visit to Hospital Surfaces

[TW/CW: This article has mentions of sexual assault and sexual assault against minors.]

An alleged video that features former EXO member Kris Wu handcuffed and accompanied by police as he visits the hospital surfaces. Keep on reading for all the details.

Was Former EXO Member Kris Spotted Handcuffed in the Hospital?

On September 9, a video from the Chinese online community Douban spread to Twitter. The video features a man wearing a prison uniform protective suit, handcuffed both on his wrists and ankles. The video shows the male waiting at the hospital, accompanies by two police officers.


Many people claim that the man in shackles is Kris Wu, a former member of EXO who was arrested by Chinese police on charges of sexual assault of a minor.

The hospital Kris Wu was allegedly in is DiTan Hospital, located in Chaoyang District. Quick-eyed viewers deciphered the names on the board and discovered that the doctors on the board specialized in transmitted diseases, most notably sexually transmitted diseases. The man, who is still in prison garb, is also seen in a protective suit to prevent coss-infection in the detention center he stays in.

(Photo : Kris Instagram)

While the comment section on the video has been turned off, Chinese viewers have made a group chat to discuss the video that has been surfacing. However, only registered users on Douban can access the group chat.

People who have seen the video are split. Many agree that from the back, they are similar in physicality. It would not be surprising if Kris Wu were visiting the hospital due to a sexually transmitted disease due to the nature of his arrest. People also noted that if Kris Wu, or any in-mate for that matter, were seen in a hospital in shackles with police officers in South Korea, it would cause a scene.

Kris Wu
(Photo : Kris Instagram)

Others are saying that it is hard to judge since it is difficult to decipher if it is, in fact, Kris Wu in the video since viewers can only see his back.

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Background on Kris Wu's Arrest

Kris Wu has been accused of sexually assaulting over 30 women, including minors. The accusations hit the male idol in July and August 2021, with Chinese student Du Meizhu revealing that Kris Wu would lure women by claiming he was casting them as a lead in his music video. Then, after inviting women over to his home and forcing them to drink, Kris would sexually assault them in his bed.

Kris Wu
(Photo : Kris Instagram)

In response, Kris Wu claimed that these claims were false and that he would go to jail willingly if they were true.

On August 16, 2021, Kris Wu was formally indicted by the Beijing Prosecutors Office after finding the male guilty of sexual assault of a minor. Currently, Kris Wu is being detained.

(Photo : Kris Instagram)

Chinese law allows for up to 37 days in detention centers for criminal investigations before formally being arrested or released without charge. If guilty, the rape charge usually carries a sentence between three to ten years. However, the sentence can be longer in aggravating circumstances, such as the sexual assault against a minor. Thus, there is a chance Kris could be given the death penalty.

However, there has been debate on where Kris Wu would be tried. Though Kris was born in China, he immigrated to Canada at the age of ten and is officially a citizen of Canada. Therefore, he could be punished under Canadian law under the extradition treaty. In addition, if found guilty in Canada, he could be given a chemical castration due to the sexual assault of a minor.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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