ITZY Lia Diet and Workout — This is How the 'WANNABE' Songstress Maintains Her Figure

Out of all of the ITZY members, Lia is the one with the most noticeable weight loss throughout her career. Want to know how she shed the pounds? Then keep on reading!

ITZY Lia Workout

Like most K-pop idols, Lia has dance practices five out of the seven days of the week. With her other ITZY members, the girls practice a minimum of three to five hours a day. However, if they are gearing for a comeback or are actively promoting, it is not uncommon for K-pop idols to practice dancing for nine to ten hours a day.

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ITZY member Ryujin has revealed the group strives to keep low body weight, and dancing nonstop comes with that. However, she states that dancing for the sake of being pretty is not the reason they chose to remain slender. Instead, the girls of ITZY chose to stay fit and skinny for the sake of the performance, as being slim makes the dances more eye-catching. Additionally, being slim allows the girls to wear the clothes they do while on stage.

ITZY Lia Diet

During an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Lia revealed how she eats on a regular day. If the girls do not have a schedule, she wakes up later, which is usually around 12 noon or 1 PM. To start her day, Lia opts for a simple brunch with a fruit smoothie.

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Lia's go-to healthy snack is cherry tomatoes dress with either honey or balsamic sauce. Surprisingly, Lia also revealed that she has quite a sweet tooth and snacks on glazed donuts every day! While she advises the fans to only eat one per day, she cheekily revealing that she snacks on multiple donuts throughout the day.

For dinner, Lia's go-to meal is eating kimchi fried rice with mozzarella cheese on top. To give the cheese some time to melt, she microwaves her kimchi-fried rice in the microwave for a few seconds.

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During episode two of "[2TZY: Hello 2021]," Ryujin revealed that Lia eats slowly and that she enjoys every bite of food. The idol rarely touches her spoon and just talks to the members, which is different from Ryujin, who eats very fast. Lia tends to eat slowly because she takes time to smell the food. Lia also takes time to chat with her members over the meal, which causes her to forget about her food.

The two stated that Lia takes ten minutes to touch her spoon again after taking a bite!

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