8 K-Pop Autumn Songs Perfect for Cozying in to Add to Your Playlist

With the summer season coming to an end and the autumn season fast approaching, that means it's time to pull up our favorite sweaters and cozy up in the weather. And what better way to set the mood with some autumn songs?

In this article, we curated a list of K-Pop autumn songs that are perfect to listen to while cozying in. From IU to Akdong Musician, here are eight K-Pop autumn songs to add to your playlist!

1. Akdong Musician - 'Time and Fallen Leaves'

Released in 2014, "Time and Fallen Leaves" features a beautiful acoustic guitar as its main instrument, and Suhyun and Chanhyuk's mellow and complementary voices. The song talks about the passing of time, as well as the difficulties that we face and the memories.

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2. Park Hyo Shin - 'Wildflower'

"Wildflower" is one of the best songs Park Hyo Shin has released during his two-decades-long career. The song is an emotional ballad that talks about how the heart changes, but sometimes wishes to go back. He describes that feeling through the use of seasons, like how it comes and goes.

3. IU - 'Autumn Morning'

Released in 2017, IU gives a minimalistic song that makes use of only her dreamy vocals, an acoustic guitar, and a flute. "Autumn Morning" describes finding comfort in the chilly mornings of autumn - a song that is perfect to listen to for when you want happy vibes!

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4. BTS - 'Autumn Leaves'

"Autumn Leaves," also known as "Dead Leaves," is a song produced by Suga and was released back in 2018. Layered with synth sounds, "Autumn Leaves" is about a love that is falling apart and withering, just like the leaves in the autumn season.

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5. Davichi - 'Autumn Night'

Powerful vocal duo, Davichi, released the melancholic song "Autumn Night." The song's lyrics is about past romances, and just like summer, is something from the past.

6. Zion.T - 'No Make Up'

Autumn isn't just about the sad vibes, and Zion.T proves that in his song "No Make Up." If you're looking to snuggle up and feel good, "No Make Up" tells you are beautiful just the way you are, whether you are all dressed up, or makeup-free.

7. Crush - 'Fall'

Accompanied by a piano, "Fall" by Crush describes the feeling of autumn, while using the season as a way to describe a relationship that has already ended, with the past being warm lingering and the cold future being intimidating.

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8. BIGBANG - 'If You'

Released in 2015, "If You" is BIGBANG's most emotional song released to date, in which all of the members sang, as compared to G-Dragon and T.O.P rapping. Lyrically, the song is about missing a significant other who left and wondering if there's a chance to rekindle the relationship. According to G-Dragon, he wrote the song at a time when he was in love.

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What is your favorite autumn song?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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