Crush Describes Red Velvet Joy as He Addresses Their Dating News in a Letter to the Fans

Following their dating news, R&B and hip hop artist Crush shared what kind of person his girlfriend, Red Velvet Joy, is and how she affected his life these days in a letter to the fans.

On Aug. 23, Crush took to his official fan café to post a message to his fans, who were taken aback by the sudden news about him being in a relationship with Joy.

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Crush's personal statement follows Red Velvet Joy's heartfelt message to the fans, which she posted on the fan community Lysn.

Red Velvet Joy
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Crush Reveals How Red Velvet Joy Affected His Life in a Letter Released after Their Dating News

In the message he posted on his official fan café, Crush gushed about Joy and shared that he was also surprised by the sudden news about them.

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After introducing Red Velvet Joy as "a very bright and positive" person, he confessed that thanks to the "Queendom" singer, he is smiling a lot more and his heart has become healthier.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush
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Like Joy, Crush also stated that it was just recently that they confirmed their feelings for one another, and so he wanted to let the fans know first about this at the right time.

Crush continued that after the dating news about him and Red Velvet Joy came out, he was also shocked and felt a heavy heart while thinking about the fans who will be surprised by the news and also be upset about it.

Red Velvet Joy
(Photo : Instagram: @_imyour_joy)

The "Bittersweet" singer concluded his message by thanking the fans and expressing his love for them.

Read Crush's full message below:

"Our fans, you must have been so shocked. This is the first time I'm telling a story like this, so I'm very nervous and tensed. I'm going to tell you about the person in the article.

The number of days when I find myself smiling has increased because of the cheerfulness and positivity of that person, and my heart has also become healthier.

It was only recently that we confirmed one another's feelings, slowly and seriously. At the right time, I wanted to inform the fans first, but I was taken aback that an article about it came out. My heart feels heavy thinking about my fans that will be even more shocked at the unexpected news and also perhaps sad about it.

I will be thankful if you can watch over us positively with kindness. I will take responsibility and do my best to show a good side of me to all of you who always support me with unchanging love.

I'm always grateful and I love you!"

Congratulations to the new K-pop celebrity couple!

Where is Crush Now?

Crush, who is signed with PSY's label P NATION, is currently completing his military service as a social service worker. He enlisted in the army on Nov. 12, 2020, and will return in mid-2022.

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Prior to his military enlistment, Crush released his fourth mini-album "With HER." This work features collaborations with popular female artists such as Girls' Generation Taeyeon, BIBI, Lee Hi, Lee So Ra, and Yoon Mi Rae.

Taeyeon is featured in the album's title track "Let Me Go," which is a smooth R&B and soul song that talks about a breakup that is approaching.

Crush has songwriting and composition credits to this track.

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