BTS J-Hope Shows Support for 'Street Woman Fighter' Dance Crew HolyBang

In his recent Weverse post, J-Hope shows his support for HolyBang! 

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BTS J-Hope
(Photo : Instagram: @bts.bighitofficial)

BTS J-Hope Shows Support for Street Woman Fighter Dance Crew HolyBang 

Recently on September 17, BTS main dancer, J-Hope, posted a screenshot from Mnet's dance survival show, "Street Woman Fighter," on the global fan community platform Weverse.

The screenshot features the dance crew HolyBang during their Mega Crew dance performance mission, with J-Hope adding a "thumbs up" and a "flushed face" emoji, showing his admiration for the dance crew's performance.

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BTS J-Hope, HolyBang
(Photo : Weverse)
BTS J-Hope shows his support for dance crew HolyBang

It is known among fans that prior to J-Hope's debut with BTS, the "Chicken Noodle Soup" hitmaker promoted as a street dancer under the stage name Smile Hoya, gaining recognition within the dance community for winning awards, as well as attaining prominence in various dance competitions. 

Currently, J-Hope boasts outstanding dancing skills as the main dancer and team leader for choreography of BTS, attaining even more success as an amazing dancer around the world.

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BTS J-Hope
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In addition, Hertz from HolyBang is known to have graduated from the same dance school as J-Hope. After seeing J-Hope's show of support which spread to various social media platforms, Hertz took to her social media to thank the BTS member.

In her Instagram Stories, Hertz also shares a screenshot of J-Hope's support, adding the caption, "Hoseok (real name of J-Hope) thank you so much."

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HolyBang Hertz
(Photo : Instagram: @blossomy_hertz)
HolyBang's Hertz thanking BTS J-Hope for his support

Hertz had also praised J-Hope personality, saying, "I always thought that Hoseok was really kind and wanted him to do well, but he succeeded a thousand times more than I thought."

Meanwhile, "Street Woman Fighter" is the first-ever all-female dance crew survival program by Mnet, with eight dance crews competing: HolyBang, WANT, YGX, HOOK, WAYB, CocaNButter, PROWDMON, and LACHICA.

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(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_dance)
'Street Woman Fighter' dance crew HolyBang

In other news, BTS is schedule to depart from South Korea to New York on September 18 KST to attend the 76th United Nations General Assembly, where they will give a speech and represent the country as the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations, as appointed by President Moon Jae In.

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