Is Jessi Unwell? Soloist Worries Fans after Posting a Photo Indicating She's Undergoing Treatment

Through her Instagram story, Jessi uploaded an image showing that the female soloist is currently undertaking treatment for a particular sickness.

Jessi's Instagram Story Leads to Fans Wondering What Her Current Health Condition Is

On Sept. 23, Jessi shared several pictures through her Instagram story. The first photo shows her alongside ATEEZ, who will be her upcoming guest for her show "Jessi's Showterview."

(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)

The next three pictures feature herself in a black outfit with a bag. The last image in Jessi's Instagram story, however, caused the fans to worry about her health condition.

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In the uploaded photo, a ringer's solution can be seen. The picture seemed to be taken in a room, which is probably at a hospital.

For starters, the ringer's solution is being used to help patients recharge when a high fever, cold, or dehydration occurs.

Jessi Instagram Story
(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)
Jessi's Latest Instagram Story

Unlike most of the ringer's solution that is transparent, the solution seen in Jessi's Instagram story is yellow, which indicates that it consists of a glucose 5% that provides the needed fluid and sugar in a person's body.

This is not the first time that the P Nation artist uploaded a photo of the same intravenous bag.

In January of this year, Jessi took to her Instagram story and updated fans on her health condition.

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She shared a series of stories that show her laying on a hospital bed while getting IV injections. In the captions, she revealed that she got IV injections every day, for six consecutive days.

(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)

IV injection refers to the injection of a medication or another substance into a person's vein and straight to the bloodstream. It is typically given to those who feel unwell. But, people who receive IV injections don't necessarily mean they are sick. It can also sometimes mean that they are exhausted.

At that time, P Nation announced that Jessi was at the hospital due to stomach flu.

Wishing Jessi a speedy recovery!

Jessi's Latest Comeback with Her New Digital Single "What Type of X"

Meanwhile, the P Nation artist had her first solo comeback this year in March with a new digital single.

Titled "What Type of X," Jessi's new single was co-written and co-composed by the female idol herself along with PSY and other artists. It is a pop-rock track that displays Jessi's confidence and celebrates being "different" from other people.

Jessi What Type of X
(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)

Jessi's "What Type of X" was released on March 17 together with its music video, which set new records for the female soloist.

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The "What Type of X" MV has become Jessi's fastest MV to reach one million likes on YouTube. It attained the feat in only two days, beating her previous record of more than one month set by "NUNU NANA."

Moreover, "What Type of X" MV now holds Jessi's record for the fastest MV to hit 20 million views, doing so in only two weeks after its release.

(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)

On music charts, Jessi's "What Type of X" also did well. It ranked first on real-time charts in South Korea, and it also debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

"What Type of X" managed to stay on the said Billboard chart for four weeks, becoming Jessi's first song to do so.

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