Staff Member Accused of Reading BTS Hate Messages in Front of the Group

A staff member of BTS is being accused of reading anti-fan pages of the group despite being in front of them. Keep on reading to learn all of the details.

Did a BTS Staff Member Read Hate Messages in Front of the Group?

On September 22, BTS held a live stream to celebrate Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival) while in the United States. While many fans were happy to see the members all gathered together to celebrate the holidays, many were quick to point out some unusual activity by a staff member who was accidentally seen in the frame.

(Photo : BTS V Live (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

As the members were eating and talking about how happy they were to travel after two years of the pandemic, a staff member was seen sitting on the ground on the far right, opposite J-Hope. The staff member was seen scrolling through her phone while sitting across the members.

Following the live streams, the whole video was deleted and re-uploaded to blur the staff member's phone screen.

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Eagle-eyed viewers watched the staff member surf the news enthusiastically. It was then noted that the staff was reading articles from two popular South Korean online community forums — TheQoo and DC Gallery.

In South Korea, it is common knowledge that these two forums have many BTS anti-fans, and several of the top posts on the platform criticize the group. In addition, people pointed out that DC Gallery, in particular, is full of articles that aim to slander BTS.

(Photo : BTS V Live (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

Ironically, after the live stream ended, screenshots and videos of the incident were shared TheQoo and became a hot topic. Many were disappointed in the staff member's attitude, with many asking what is wrong with BTS's staff members nowadays and noting that it is the people closest to the boys who have the most potential of destroying them.

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People noted that it was highly fishy that HYBE Labels blurred the phone screen in the re-upload, wondering if they were trying to cover it up.

Meanwhile, others were upset that the staff members could potentially be looking down on the members, who are the biggest boy group in South Korea.

(Photo : BTS V Live (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

However, there are still people who defended the staff members. People commented that they could potentially be on these forums to filter posts that defame BTS and report the said articles.

Others noted that the staff member could do whatever they wanted with their phone and that we do not know the true intention of why they were on the forums, to begin with.

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BTS Recent Activities

On July 21, 2021, BTS was appointed as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture by South Korea's President Moon Jae In. The boy group was appointed to raise awareness on global agendas, specifically sustainable development, to the future generation.

In addition, BTS was also selected to strengthen South Korea's diplomatic power across the world.

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

On September 20, BTS attended the 76th United Nations General Assembly to represent South Korea. There, the boys delivered a speech at the opening ceremony at the 2nd SGD Movement. BTS also performed their most recent release, Permission to Dance.

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