‘Girls Planet 999’ Contestant Cai Bing Suspected to Have Been Eliminated Following Social Media Activity

Girls Planet 999 Chinese contestant Cai Bing is suspected of being eliminated after supporters notice activity on her Weibo account. Keep on reading for all the details.

Did Cai Bing Get Eliminated from 'Girls Planet 999?' Social Media Activity Causes Stir Online

On October 11, Girls Planet 999 supporters took to Twitter after noticing that Cai Bing's Weibo account, which has reportedly not been used or opened since she started the show, has shown signs of activity.

Prior to her time on the show, Cai Bing was following 59 people on Weibo. However, on October 11, people pointed out that she was now following 60 people.

Cai Bing
(Photo : Cai Bing Weibo)

Currently, her account follows 58 people. She has unfollowed two people.

Cai Bing
(Photo : Cai Bing Weibo)

The third eliminations of Girls Planet 999 is scheduled to air on October 15 and is the last elimination round before the finals. Despite how the episode itself will air on October 15, it has been speculated that the eliminations have already been filmed, and the remaining contestants are currently preparing for the finals.

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As Girls Planet 999 has a strict no social media rule while on the show (contestants phones were most likely confiscated, similar to how the contestants were treated on Mnet's past survival shows, such as the Produce series), it has been speculated that Cai Bing has been eliminated, which is why she was able to access her Weibo account.

Cai Bing
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

Previously, all the eliminated trainees of the show returned to their social media accounts, while some, such as Liang Jiao and Liang Qiao, opened up social media platforms to communicate with their fans.

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However, some believe that Cai Bing's manager in China is the one who manages her account. People state that her manager is probably the one who is using her account and that Cai Bing could still possibly be a contestant on the show.

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Who is Cai Bing?

Cai Bing is a Chinese contestant competing on Mnet's Girls Planet 999. Prior to her joining the show, she debuted with the C-pop girl group KSGIRLS on July 6, 2020. She had also competed on the Chinese survival show 水晶晶南浔水晶晶女孩 (Crystal Girls). She is currently under Image Music.

Cai Bing
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

Currently, Cai Bing is ranked fourth among Chinese contestants and eighth overall. During the first few episodes, she was in a cell with Choi Yujin and May. As she is part of the Top 9 on the show, she is currently in the debut line-up.

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