Mnet Believed to be Evil Editing the 'Girls Planet 999' Chinese Contestants — Here's the Possible Reason

South Korean media outlet TenAsia has noted the negative way the Girls Planet 999 Chinese contestants have been edited, and the possible reason. Keep on reading to find out all the details.

Mnet Believed to Be Evil Editing the Chinese Contestants on 'Girls Planet 999' — Here's the Possible Reason Why
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Are Girls Planet 999 Chinese Contestants Being Evil Edited?

Mnet's latest survival program, "Girls Planet 999," features 99 contestants, with 33 contestants from Korea, China, and Japan each. Many were anticipating and skeptical of the blend of cultures that will be seen on the show due to the varying degrees of training and cultural differences and personality differences.

In the show, it was noted that the Chinese contestants are often being pointed as the cause of trouble during the missions. This is evident in the last two episodes of the program.

For example, C-Group contestant Liang Jiao chose to rap in the second connect mission despite not being able to rap. When the team gathered, Liang Jiao continued to ask her teammates to listen to the song "VVS" one more.

As they practiced, Liang Jiao was seen constantly going to the bathroom and telling her teammates she would practice independently rather than with the group. Because of this, Lee Chaehyun, her teammate, is seen crying over how their practices are going.

Liang Jiao
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)
Liang Jiao

Another C-Group contestant, Cai Bing, was alleged to be edited unfavorably. The contestant tackled the dance position and took the leader and killing part for the group.

However, their team continued to get negative comments from the Masters, which led her teammates to try and speak up.

Mnet's translation to Cai Bing's words, which are spoken in Chinese, reads, "I am the leader, so I can do what I want. Do not give any further opinions from now on."

Cai Bing
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)
Cai Bing

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Wang Yale, another Chinese contestant, was also said to be edited in a bad light. She took on the leadership role in her vocal team, saying she studied music.

However, during the group's interim check, Wang Yale was criticized for being unable to harmonize with her members and was told that she would be going home if she could not improve.

Wang Yale
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)
Wang Yale

The behavior that was shown on broadcast earned the Chinese trainees massive backlash, with people saying they did not know the essence of teamwork and leadership.

Previously, people were already against Chinese trainees joining the show after it was discovered that Wang Yale, Wang Qiuri, Fu Yaning, Xu Ziyin, Wen Zhe, Ma Yuling, Chen Xinwei, and Liang Jiao spoke out regarding the Anti-American aid and Xinjiang Cotton, voicing their support for the two matters.

Wen Zhe
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)
Wen Zhe

However, international fans claim that Mnet has been painting the Chinese contestants in a bad light, clipping and piecing together clips to make them seem like the bad guys. They also claim that the Chinese members were not given translators and were mistranslated on purpose.

Why Would Mnet Evil Edit the Girls Planet 999 Chinese Contestants?

Recently, Weibo (China's largest social media platform) announced that they would be suspending the fan club accounts of Korean celebrities, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and IU.

At the same time, the Chinese government announced regulations concerning Hallyu, claiming the fandom culture is negatively impacting China and is hindering the healthy development of the entertainment culture.

In China, idol audition programs are fundamentally banned. China has banned audition programs in their own country, and it is practically impossible for China to accept a group from Korea.

Mnet originally included Chinese people in the program to gain fans from the Chinese market, but since that market is now closed, there is no reason to have a Chinese member debut in the "global K-pop girl group" that will debut from the show.

Su Rui Qi
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)
Su Rui Qi

The way to overturn this unfavorable circumstance is through voting. "Girls Planet 999" has gotten rid of the cell-voting system, which eliminated trainees based on their cell, allowing an equal number of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean contestants to remain.

With that in mind, it is believed Mnet is editing the Chinese trainees negatively to decrease the chances of a Chinese member debuting in the final group.

What do you think of the situation? Tell us in the comments below.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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