Stray Kids Bang Chan and Felix Open Up About Adapting to Life in South Korea

In an interview with Rolling Stone Australia, Stray Kids members Bang Chan and Felix opened up about adapting to life in South Korea.

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Stray Kids Bang Chan and Felix Talk about Adapting to Life in South Korea

On October 11, Rolling Stone Australia released their interview with Stray Kids members, Bang Chan and Felix. The two members were both born and raised in Australia and moved to Seoul, South Korea, to pursue their dreams of being in an idol. In their interview, the duo discussed their experiences adapting to life in a new country.

Felix Bang Chan
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While all the Stray Kids members are close, Bang Chan and Felix have a special bond since they both came from Australia. The two entered the K-pop industry in a similar way. Growing up, both Bang Chan and Felix listened to K-pop and looked up to groups such as 2PM (who would end up being their labelmates in the future).

Due to their passion for music, the boys auditioned for JYP Entertainment during their global auditions in Australia and eventually became trainees.

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K-pop trainees undergo a grueling schedule of classes or singing, dancing, and more and abide by the company's strict rules. Bang Chan trained for seven years before he made his debut. However, he did not consider adapting to South Korea challenging.

In the interview, he revealed that everyone took good care of him when he entered the company because he "didn't really know much."

Felix Bang Chan
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For Felix, however, the lifestyle change was much more noticeable. Felix said, "When I was in Australia, I would go to school, come back home, do my homework and that it was for the day. When I came to Korea, I was training and practicing. It was a new experience."

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However, he was able to adapt thanks to Bang Chan. Felix revealed that he would take care of everyone, just like a big friend or a hyung would. Bang Chan admitted that when Felix became a trainee, he made sure to take care of him. However, he would also scold Felix because he wanted more out of him.

Felix Bang Chan
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Bang Chan also confessed that he wanted to get close to Felix. So the two would stay up all night and talk a lot. The two would also cry together. He then revealed that during his hardest moments, Felix would take care of him as well.

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The two Stay Kids members expressed how lucky they feel to have grown up in Australia. Bang Chan says that in order for them to interact with STAYS (the group's fandom) all around the world, speaking English is essential. Since it is one of their main languages, it is easier for them to communicate with their fans, and they are thankful for that.

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Stay Kids Recent Activities

On August 23, Stray Kids released their second studio album Noeasy with the lead single Thunderous. The album debuted at number one on the Gaon Chart. By the end of the month, Noeasy had sold over 1.1 million copies, making Stray Kids the first artist under JYP Entertainment to sell more than a million copies of an album.

Stray Kids
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Thunderous debuted at number 33 on the Gaon Digital Chart and number 80 on the Billboard Global 200. In addition, the song won Stray Kids six music show wins.

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On October 13, Stray Kids released Thunderous (Japanese Ver.)

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