These are the Differences Between Red Velvet and aespa’s Dorm Rules

Red Velvet and aespa's dorm rules have stark differences. Keep on reading to learn all the details.

Red Velvet vs. aespa — These are the Differences Between Their Dorms

When the dorm rules of SM Entertainment's rising girl group aespa were revealed, the dorm rules of Red Velvet, which member Joy revealed in the past, were re-examined.

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On October 7, aespa made an appearance on the YouTube channel MMTG. While they were there, MC Jaejae acted as a home seeker looking to live with aespa as roommates. There, the girls showed their dormitory rules, which Karina said are almost exactly like their rules in their actual dorms.

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Some of the rules aespa has in their dorms are that they must eat all meals together, share all of their belongings and food, share clothes (which includes mixing laundry) and have a party with all members on Saturday. Nearly all of aespa's dorm rules show off the group's bright and free atmosphere.

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The members of aespa, who are known to be extremely close, have rules that help the girls live happily together. They state that they do not have any special or limiting rules.

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On the other hand, Red Velvet has strict restrictions and rules that respect the individual's privacy.

In January 2020, Joy appeared on KBS2's Happy Together. There, she revealed that Red Velvet has rules that will help prevent fights among the members. One of the rules is that only Red Velvet members are allowed inside the dorm. Therefore, if they wish to invite people from outside the group, they need permission.

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Joy revealed that the group usually allows others to bring guests if they are asked. However, there was a time in which Joy brought her younger sister without telling the members, and they ended up complaining to her about the situation. Joy ended up apologizing for breaking their rules.

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MC Yoo Jae Suk revealed that he understood the rules of Red Velvet, saying that if one person does not follow the rules, the harmony between them would be broken.

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How Did People React to the Differences Between Red Velvet and aespa's Dorm Rules?

Currently, the differences in the dorm rules between aespa and Red Velvet are being examined online. Some people prefer aespa's rules, saying that they like how everything is shared and that it would be fun since everyone is close. Others said that if the rules were constricting, it would be stressful to live with others.

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On the other hand, some people prefer Red Velvet's rules, saying that it is better to have your own privacy and that sharing everything could ultimately cause people to lose their patience.

Would you rather live with aespa or Red Velvet? Tell us in the comments below!

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