Super Junior Shindong Reveals He Already Met aespa Karina before She Became an SM Trainee — Here's How

Super Junior Shindong and aespa Karina already met each other before the latter started training at SM Entertainment. Here's how the two idols encountered one another.

Super Junior Shares How She Met aespa Karina before She Was Scouted by SM Entertainment on "Knowing Bros"

On Oct. 23 at 7:40 p.m. KST, aespa will appear on JTBC's "Knowing Bros." The members will show off their various personal skills and perform some hit songs by SM artists.

aespa on Knowing Bros
(Photo : Instagram: @jtbcbros)

During the upcoming broadcast, Super Junior Shindong, who is one of the special guests in charge of the show's game segments, will share a surprising fact that he already saw aespa Karina before she joined SM Entertainment.

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He detailed that he saw Karina at an event when he was still an active-duty soldier. Karina was a middle school student at that time.

Super Junior Shindong continued that aespa Karina approached him and asked to take a picture together.

Super Junior Shindong
(Photo : Instagram: @earlyboysd)
Super Junior Shindong

After recalling their meeting, Shindong commented, "The moment I saw Karina, I wanted to entrust the casting to SM Entertainment. However, since I was in the military, there was no way for me to contact the company."

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Despite not being unable to contact the agency immediately, Karina eventually became an SM trainee and debuted as a leader of aespa.

Since Super Junior Shindong is also currently an SM artist, the two were able to get closer to each other.

In response to Shindong's story, aespa Karina revealed, "Shindong is the first celebrity I saw in my life."

aespa Karina
(Photo : Instagram: @aespa_official)
aespa Karina

In addition to how the two SM artists met each other, Karina will also share how she was cast by SM Entertainment on the Oct. 23 broadcast of JTBC"s "Knowing Bros."

In the meantime, watch the preview for the upcoming episode of "Knowing Bros" featuring aespa below!

aespa Achieves New Milestones on Gaon Chart with "Savage"

In other news, aespa has new achievements on different Gaon charts with their new title track "Savage."

On Oct. 21, Gaon released the chart rankings for the week of Oct. 10 to 16.

On Gaon Digital Chart, aespa had two entries inside the Top 10. "Savage" peaked at No. 2 with 27,072,241 points, and "Next Level" climbed down to No. 7 with 17,768,458 points.

aespa Savage
(Photo : Twitter: @MnetMcountdown)

With "Savage" reaching No. 2 this week, the song has tied with "Next Level" and ITZY's "DALLA DALLA" as the highest-peaking songs by fourth-generation groups on the digital chart.

The other aespa songs to enter the Gaon Digital Chart are "Black Mamba" (No. 108), "YEPPI YEPPI" (No. 149), and "aenergy" (No. 159).

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On the Gaon Streaming Chart, aespa's "Savage" jumped up seven spots to secure the No. 1 place. It is one of the only two songs by fourth-generation groups to hit the top of the chart. The first one to do so is "Next Level."

aespa's "Next Level" also made it to this week's streaming chart. It maintained its position at No. 5.

aespa Savage
(Photo : Twitter: @aespa_official)

"Black Mamba," "YEPPI YEPPI," and "aenergy" have remained on the Gaon Streaming Chart as well, securing the Nos. 111, 162, and 171, respectively.

What's more, a total of eight aespa songs entered the Gaon Download Chart, with "Savage" being the highest-ranking track at No. 2.

Finally, aespa's first mini-album descended to No. 64 this week's Gaon Album Chart.

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