SEVENTEEN's Expensive Bill After Eating at BBQ Restaurants Stuns Many

During a recent variety show appearance, SEVENTEEN reveals just how much they spend at a Korean BBQ restaurant for 13 members!

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SEVENTEEN Reveals How Much Their Bill After Eating at a BBQ Restaurant Is

Back on October 29, SEVENTEEN appeared for an episode on the Channel S variety show, "With Shin 2." During this episode, four members of the group - Seungkwan, Hoshi, S.Coups, and Mingyu - made a guest appearance to represent SEVENTEEN.

While the members and cast were talking, SEVENTEEN revealed that all of their members have a really great appetite and talk a lot.

(Photo : Channel S via SBS News)

S.Coups then reveals just how much they end up spending whenever they eat out at a Korean BBQ restaurant with all 13 members, which stunned many with how expensive the bill is!

"We all eat a lot and talk a lot. There have been times when we spend around 10 million won (around $8,509 USD) at Korean BBQ restaurants," S.Coups said.

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S.Coups continued to explain that while it might sound like they are exaggerating with how much the bill is just to make their talk more interesting, they aren't lying and that the SEVENTEEN leader himself saw the receipt.

(Photo : Channel S via SBS News)

Hearing this, the hosts of the show asked how such a bill is possible.

"Well, I think it may be because back in our early debut days, we were only given gimbap and doshirak (packed meals)," S.Coups explained.

He continued, "So, it might seem like we kind of want to compensate for that in a way. Back then, the people who buy us food were our favorite kind of people."

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(Photo : Channel S via SBS News)

While on the topic, Seungkwan added that for some time after they made their debut, SEVENTEEN was always short of food. Which led him to even hide snacks and eat them secretly in the restroom.

SEVENTEEN's Latest Release

Back on October 22, SEVENTEEN released their ninth mini-album, "Attacca," which saw immense success after recording more than 1.3 million album copies sold in its first-week. This marks SEVENTEEN's fifth consecutive "million-seller" title.

Containing seven tracks, "Attacca" topped international charts, such as Gaon, Oricon, and Billboard Japan, as well as peaked at No. 13 on Billboard's main album chart, Billboard 200.

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(Photo : News1)

The album also entered other charts such as the official charts of Finland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, on October 29, SEVENTEEN released the choreography version of their title track, "Rock With You."

Watch the choreography version of "Rock With You" music video here:

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