6 Songs AB6IX Lee Daehwi Wrote or Composed for Other Idols that You Might Not Know About

Apart from his talent in singing and dancing, AB6IX Lee Daehwi also excels in writing, composing, and arranging songs. In fact, he always directly participates in the production of his group's albums. But, did you know that he also wrote and/or composed songs for other K-pop idols?

Below are a few of the tracks wherein AB6IX Lee Daehwi is credited as a songwriter and/or composer.

Here are K-pop Songs Written/Composed by AB6IX Lee Daehwi that are Worth Checking Out:

Park Ji Hoon's "Young 20"

"Young 20" is one of the B-side songs from Park Ji Hoon's debut EP "O'CLOCK," which came out in March 2019. In this track, his former fellow WANNA ONE member Lee Daehwi is credited as a songwriter and co-composer.

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During a press showcase held on the day the album was released, Park Ji Hoon shared that "Young 20" is about the male idol promising that he will share his positive energy and youthfulness to his fans, MAY.

IZ*ONE's "Airplane"

IZ*ONE received the song "Airplane" as a special gift from AB6IX Lee Daehwi. The track is part of the girl group's second EP "Heart*Iz," which was released in April 2019.

Lee Daehwi was one of the co-writers and co-composers of IZ*ONE's "Airplane," which contains witty lyrics that compare the vast sky with the girl group's future.

In the track, IZ*ONE is represented as an airplane that freely roams the sky, soaring high up in the air just as the band's desire to rise and achieve their dreams.

Yoon Jisung's "SLOW"

Yoon Jisung is another former fellow WANNA ONE member of Lee Daehwi. In February 2019, he made his solo debut with the first EP "Aside," where "SLOW" is one of the B-side songs.

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Lee along with Yoon wrote the lyrics for "SLOW," and Lee also co-composed it. The song tells everyone that it is okay to slow down in our daily life from time to time and that we shouldn't forget to smile, especially during difficult times.

WANNA ONE Lee Daehwi and Ong Seong Wu's "Sandglass" with Heize

When he was still a WANNA ONE member, Lee Daehwi wrote and released "Sandglass" with his bandmate Ong Seong Wu and female soloist Heize.

Produced by Heize, "Sandglass" is one of the songs from WANNA ONE's special album "1÷x=1 (Undivided)" that was dropped in June 2018.

MXM's "Good Day"

AB6IX Lee Daehwi also wrote songs for his group's sub-unit MXM, and one of them is "Good Day." MXM is composed of Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun.

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Released in July 2017, "Good Day" a promotional single the duo released ahead of their official debut. Lee Daehwi is credited as a writer, co-composer and co-arranger for this song.

"Good Day" was later added to MXM's debut EP "Unmix," which was released in September 2017.

As One's "It's ok not to be ok"

After more than two years of hiatus, As One returned with the special single "It's Ok Not to Be Ok" to celebrate their 20th anniversary in the industry.

As One's labelmate AB6IX Lee Daehwi wrote and co-composed "It's Ok Not to Be Ok," where he also served as a featuring artist.

Which one of these songs that Lee Daehwi wrote and/or composed do you like?

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