nicole jemel mcwilliams

Choreographer Jemel McWilliams Compliments Nicole, 'Power, Beauty & Sexiness'

Buzz 11.22.14 | 03:55AM EST

The famous American choreographer Jemel McWilliams complimented singer Nicole.

cnblue jung yong hwa instyle photo shoot

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa, "I Want To Act For One Of Director Bong Joon Ho's Movies"

Interviews 11.22.14 | 03:25AM EST

Band CNBLUE's member Jung Yong Hwa turned into a lazy and cozy fall man.

winner about ikon's debut

WINNER, "iKON's Debut Makes Us Try Harder... They're Like A Mirror Version Of Us"

Interviews 11.22.14 | 03:49AM EST

Boy group Winner revealed their honest opinions about iKON's debut.

originators of the

K-Pop Crossover: 'Drop That #NaeNae' Viral Craze Creators We Are Toonz Say Hallyu Acts Got It First [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 11.21.14 | 11:00PM EST

Atlanta-based rap group We Are Toonz is best known for the improvisational dance called the "NaeNae" in a series of viral videos that started with the song "Drop That #NaeNae."


Is There A Friendly Rivalry Between YG Boy Bands WINNER & iKON?

Interviews 11.24.14 | 01:13AM EST

In a recent pictorial for The Star Magazine, rookie boy group WINNER shared their feelings about their YG Entertainment label-mates, iKON.

My Love From the Star

K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With Gou4u

Interviews 03.07.15 | 05:50AM EST

A look at how K-Pop is helping draw new customers into the Korean fashion world and unearthing talented new designers.

Wonder Girls Yubin, Lecturing?

K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With PlanetESL

Interviews 02.28.15 | 05:50AM EST

A look at what qualities make a great English teacher in Korea and why teachers think they want to head to Gangnam.


K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With Living Language

Interviews 02.21.15 | 05:40AM EST

A look at what makes Korean so cool and how a little understanding of the language can go a long way in understanding your favorite songs and dramas.

Third Hospital SooYoung Le Bunny Bleu Gold-Toned Oxfords

K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With Le Bunny Bleu

Interviews 02.14.15 | 11:41AM EST

A look at some of the people who are working in Korean fashion as K-Pop inspires more and more people to want to dress like their favorite idols.

girls day hyeri @star1 bedroom photo shoot

Girl's Day's Hyeri,"Military Enlistment Again? If I Had To Choose, I Would Go With..."

Interviews 11.21.14 | 02:31AM EST

Girl group Girl's Day's member Hyeri talked about going back into the army.

lee soo hyun interview akdong musician

Lee Suhyun Tells Fans, 'Akdong Musician Still Has A Lot To Show You'

Interviews 11.15.14 | 03:39AM EST

YG's new unit Hi Suhyun was interviewed at a cafe on November 14.

lee hi not taking SATs

Lee Hi, "I'm Not Sad About Not Being Able To Take The SAT"

Interviews 11.15.14 | 03:45AM EST

YG's new unit Hi Suhyun's member Lee Hi was interviewed.

lee hi interview

Lee Hi About Dating Restrictions, 'Yang Hyun Suk Doesn't Allow Dating Yet'

Interviews 11.15.14 | 04:11AM EST

Lee Hi recently revealed that her record label's CEO doesn't want her to start dating yet.

Glen Choi (aka dj nüre)

Producer And Former IDOL Member Glen Choi Gives A Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of 2PM's 'Go Crazy' [Exclusive Interview]

Interviews 11.13.14 | 11:24PM EST

Former K-Pop idol Glen Choi reveals what it was like working with Jun.K and 2PM on their recent comeback single "Go Crazy."


K-Pop Crossover: Jesse Jackson's Daughter Ashley On Her Love Of Hallyu Culture And Her R&B Career As AJae [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 11.12.14 | 05:44PM EST

The 15-year-old "love child" of Rainbow Coalition founder the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dr. Karin Stanford, Ashley Stanford-Jackson isn't one to let the boundaries of language stand between her and the music that moves her or makes her move.

Pop Star Masumi

K-Pop Crossover: Pop Star Masumi Channels Inner 'Bad Girl’ After Hearing Girls’ Generation [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 11.05.14 | 05:03PM EST

Pop Star Masumi released "Girls Make The World Go Round" last month and she's hoping the energetic dance single can join Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" as another girl power anthem for the ages.

Renown photographer Yu Tsai is the newest creative director and judge for 'America's Next Top Model.'

Yu Tsai Talks About 'America's Next Top Model,' K-Pop & Filming In Seoul [Exclusive Interview]

Interviews 11.08.14 | 12:15PM EST

‘America’s Next Top Model’ photographer Yu Tsai discusses filming in Seoul for Cycle 21.

yang hyun suk interview about big bang winner ikon

Yang Hyun Suk, His Three Sons 'Big Bang, Winner, IKON'

Interviews 11.04.14 | 01:47AM EST

YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk compared Big Bang, Winner, and IKON to 'three brothers'. This shows his true affection and love for the three groups.

son ho young interviewed

Son Ho Young, "I'm Sad That I Couldn't Enjoy All Of My Time As g.o.d"

Interviews 11.01.14 | 04:00AM EDT

Group g.o.d received love to the point of deserving the 'national group'. But nothing lasts forever, and they too were split up and reunited again. It was solely because of the thought, 'It's better for us to be together.'

Jerico DeAngelo

K-Pop Crossover: 'Night Crawlers' Singer Jerico 'Of The Angels' DeAngelo Scares Up Some Halloween Hallyu Love [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 10.30.14 | 06:18PM EDT

EDM Artist Jericho DeAngelo huddled with KpopStarz earlier this week for some exclusive Halloween musings on Hallyu, which he hardly finds frightening at all.

group s interview

S Members Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon & Shin Hye Sung Reveal The Stories They Wanted To Tell

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 10:47PM EDT

S has been gaining a lot of attention for their recent comeback after an 11-year hiatus and the members reveal a little bit about what story their are trying to tell with their latest album.

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