New Release

Teen Top returns with their ode to love and heartbreak, 'Exito.'

Album Review: Teen Top Cleverly Embraces A More Mature Sound On 'Exito' [AUDIO]

New Release 09.17.14 | 06:54AM EDT

Teen Top brilliantly departs from their trademark EDM sound with 'Exito.'

2PM is back with 'Go Crazy!'

Album Review: 2PM Delivers Jazzy Party Tracks On 'Go Crazy!' [AUDIO]

New Release 09.15.14 | 06:38AM EDT

2PM is back with the soulfully entrancing album, 'Go Crazy!'

Jeon In Kwon

Review: New Jeon In Kwon Band EP 'Act 2 Scene 1' Finds Former Deulgukhwa Vocalist Still In Top Form [AUDIO]

New Release 09.15.14 | 07:57PM EDT

The three songs on "Act 2 Scene 1" prove Jeon In Kwon Jeon's career is far from over and that his talent is still at its peak.

Super Junior have their best release yet with 'MAMACITA.'

Album Review: Super Junior Are Back With Their Most Versatile Album To Date, ‘MAMACITA’ [AUDIO]

New Release 08.29.14 | 07:43AM EDT

‘MAMACITA’ reflects the culmination of Super Junior’s musical accomplishments since their debut in 2005.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Shirosky Takes Her Sound To The Next Level On 'Domino' [AUDIO]

New Release 09.04.14 | 07:07PM EDT

Last month, Shirosky released her fourth EP, "Domino." The album is a major step forward, refining her concept of bridging jazz and hip-hop while adding modern electronic blips and bleeps.

Scene from HyunA's

K-Pop Double-Take: Why 4Minute Rapper HyunA’s Solo Track 'Red' Should Be A Hit Single In The U.S. [VIDEO]

New Release 09.04.14 | 04:51PM EDT

The HyunA single "Red," may a bit over the top, but it’s precisely its quirky, genre bending, production and scandalous music video that make it a prime candidate for crossover success in the Western pop music scene.

BTS has released their first full album, 'Dark

Album Review: BTS Channels The Delectable Brilliance Of K-Hip Hop & American R&B On ‘Dark & Wild’ [AUDIO]

New Release 08.20.14 | 07:45AM EDT

BTS establishes that they are formidable opponents in the race for K-Pop dominance with ‘Dark & Wild.’ A track by track review of the album.

SHINee's Taemin goes solo with 'Ace.'

Album Review: SHINee's Taemin Is Set To Take The Lead Over Other Solo Artists With 'Ace' [AUDIO]

New Release 08.19.14 | 07:21AM EDT

Taemin emerges from the background to release his first solo album, 'Ace.'

Super Junior's Eunhyuk is a cut above the rest for 'Mo Jazzy.'

Super Junior's Eunhyuk Is Soulfully Stylish For BeatBurger Project's 'Mo Jazzy'

New Release 08.16.14 | 03:04PM EDT

Eunhyuk channels a mature image, which was recently adopted by Super Junior-M, for BeatBurger Project's 'Mo Jazzy.'

'2014 S/S' is an impressive debut album from Winner, the future of YG Entertainment.

Album Review: Winner Debuts With The Stylistically Brilliant '2014 S/S' [AUDIO]

New Release 08.14.14 | 06:48AM EDT

Winner demonstrates an unprecedented maturity on their debut album '2014 S/S.'

Dynamic Duo with DJ Premier (center)

Review: Why The Dynamic Duo And DJ Premier Collaboration 'AEAO' Is A Winner [AUDIO]

New Release 07.30.14 | 07:25PM EDT

Dynamic Duo's collaboration with DJ Premier,"AEAO," bears ample fruit as a meeting of minds, continents, eras and styles.

Nothing says romance like Jaejoong, an industrial work site, and  the back seat of a car for the music video 'Back Seat.'

JYJ's 'Back Seat' Upsetting To Some Female Fans - Coercive Lyrics Raise Red Flags

New Release 07.29.14 | 06:57AM EDT

‘Back Seat’ is a very sensual song, but some of the English lyrics imply sexual coercion.

HyunA has released her third EP, 'A Talk.'

Album Review: HyunA Is Much More Than Just A Pretty Face With ‘A Talk’ [AUDIO]

New Release 07.30.14 | 05:46AM EDT

HyunA channels her incomparable level of hotness into steamy vocals for ‘A Talk.’

Acoustic Blanc

Review: Park Ki Young & Acoustic Blanc's 'Bella Waltz' Is The Perfect Way To Spend The Afternoon [AUDIO]

New Release 07.30.14 | 07:59PM EDT

Park Ki Young & Acoustic Blanc create quite a pleasant mood on their new mellow jazzy album "Bella Waltz"

Beenzino delivers the party album 'Up All Night.'

Album Review: Beenzino Provides The Perfect Hip Hop Soundtrack For Summer In Korea With 'Up All Night' [AUDIO]

New Release 07.23.14 | 12:19AM EDT

illionaire records' Beenzino is back with 'Up All Night.'

Last Romeo

K-Pop Double-Take: Infinite Channels 1980s Heavy Metal On The Gothic Power Ballad 'Last Romeo' [VIDEO]

New Release 07.31.14 | 04:06PM EDT

Infinite's "Last Romeo" is a powerful gothic fantasy ballad that contains hints of heavy metal

Henry's 'Fantastic' lives up to its name.

Album Review: Super Junior-M Henry Delivers A ‘Fantastic’ Follow Up To ‘Trap’ [AUDIO]

New Release 07.19.14 | 11:36AM EDT

Henry proves he is one of the most talented artists from Super Junior-M with ‘Fantastic.’

B1A4 are back with 'Solo Day.'

Album Review: B1A4 Proves That Teamwork Actually Pays Off With New EP ‘Solo Day’ [AUDIO]

New Release 07.15.14 | 02:35AM EDT

B1A4 makes a stellar comeback with their genre defining album ‘Solo Day.’

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