Press Conference

Clara To Become A Reporter For

Clara To Become A Reporter For "Maze Runner" Press Conference

Press Conference 08.25.14 | 06:04AM EDT

Actress Clara will be the interviewer of the "Maze Runner" casts.

jyj nearing thirty

JYJ Nearing Thirty, Becoming Deeper People Making Deeper Music

Press Conference 08.20.14 | 07:27AM EDT

5 years have already passed since the three members of JYJ started their group, but they've already been in the industry for 10 years including the years they spent as TVXQ.


CNBLUE: “We Would Like to Return the Love of Our Fans”

Press Conference 08.12.14 | 12:00PM EDT

CNBLUE back to Malaysia and talks about their album and future plans

chen episode while filming for mv

Chen Reveals EXO Was Reported To Police During Late-Night Music Video Shoot

Press Conference 08.12.14 | 06:21AM EDT

Idol group EXO's member Chen talked about an episode that happened while filming for their music video.

nana at chinese press conference

Nana & Choi Bum Suk Show Off Beauty At Press Conference For Chinese Entertainment Program

Press Conference 08.08.14 | 03:43AM EDT

Group After School's member Nana and designer Choi Bum Suk, who became permanent members of a Chinese fashion entertainment program for the first time for any Korean celebrities, showed off their looks at the press conference.

kang ye won press conference

Kang Ye Won, "I Don't Cling Onto Past Love... Just Be Faithful To The Present"

Press Conference 08.07.14 | 09:50AM EDT

Actress Kang Ye Won revealed that she doesn't cling onto her past love.

winner launching show

WINNER, Debut Album Preview... Addictive Hip Hop

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.07.14 | 06:12AM EDT

Group WINNER revealed a little bit of their debut album through their launching show. Their sentimental melody was mixed well together with hip hop.

yang hyun suk wants to make gd act

Yang Hyun Suk, "I Want To Make GD Act But He Said He Doesn't Want To"

Press Conference 08.07.14 | 06:11AM EDT

YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed that he believes singers should do various activities and said, "I want to make G-Dragon act too."

"My Palpitating Life" Kang Dong Won And Song Hye Gyo Send Visual Vibes To Viewers

Press Conference 08.06.14 | 10:04AM EDT

"My Palpitating Life" Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo are raising a lot of hopes for their fans and viewers for their new movie.

SM Says Super Junior Lee Teuk Will Leave The Army Without Special Events Or Interviews

SM Entertainment Says Super Junior Leeteuk Will Leave The Army Without Special Events Or Interviews

Press Conference 07.26.14 | 04:13PM EDT

Group Super Junior Leeteuk will complete his service quietly

Yoo Chae Young's Agency Says They Won't Stand For Rumors

Yoo Chae Young's Agency Says They Won't Stand For Rumors Regarding The Late Actress

Press Conference 07.27.14 | 01:03PM EDT

Yoo Chae Young's family said they will not stand for the news that shared Yoo Chae Young's personal life before she passed away.

Lee Honggi: The Sincere And Truthful Star

Lee Hongki Shows His Sincerity And Charm At Singapore Press Conference

Press Conference 07.23.14 | 05:48AM EDT

Lee Hongki - a sincere and truthful star

Hyomin States T-ARA Members Encouraged Solo Debut

Hyomin States T-ARA Members Encouraged Solo Debut

Press Conference 07.01.14 | 03:51AM EDT

T-ARA's Hyomin stated that she "gained the strength and encouragement to debut solo through the encouragement of members."

So Ji Sub

Actor So Ji Sub Holds Press Conference In Taiwan And Talks About Dating Openly

Press Conference 06.29.14 | 08:35PM EDT

So Ji Sub shared his ideal type of girl


The Boss meeting the media in their maiden visit to Malaysia

Press Conference 06.22.14 | 06:51PM EDT

The Boss meeting the media in their maiden visit to Malaysia

Infinite Holds Comeback Showcase with New Album 'Season 2'

INFINITE Speaks About 'Last Romeo,' The Group's Future At Press Conference

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.23.14 | 09:24AM EDT

The idol group frankly answered questions about "Season 2," "Last Romeo," INFINITE F, and more.

donghae fans send rice

Super Junior Donghae Fans Donate Rice At "God's Quiz 4" Press Conference

Press Conference 05.15.14 | 06:26AM EDT

Group Super Junior's member Donghae's fans sent more than 1.4 tons of rice at the press conference of his new drama.

Song Hye Kyo Goes to Cannes Film Festival with “The Crossing”

Song Hye Kyo Goes to Cannes Film Festival with “The Crossing”

Press Conference 05.03.14 | 03:37AM EDT

Actress Song Hye Kyo will attend the Cannes Film Festival with Director John Woo's film "The Crossing".

mblaq g.o musical the kingdom of the winds

G.O, "I'm Nervous About 'The Kingdom Of The Winds'"

Press Conference 05.02.14 | 02:18AM EDT

Group MBLAQ's member G.O revealed that he's nervous about going on stage for musicals.

3 Main Companies Resume Normal Broadcasting With Subtitles Expressing Mourning

Press Conference 05.01.14 | 08:18AM EDT

KBS, MBC, and SBS have been relatively quiet following the Sewol ferry accident on the 16th.

After School's Jooyeon credit: Fan Pop

After School's Jooyeon Revealed That She Is Losing Weight Due To Her Upcoming Drama Series

Press Conference 04.30.14 | 09:29AM EDT

After School's Jooyeon said that she is losing weight because of her upcoming drama series.

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