K-Pop Uses Social Media To Flare Out

Headlines 02.16.12 | 05:11PM EST

“SM is a planet called music within the virtual nation of cyber world universe. In the past Michael Jackson’s virtual nation was the largest however now it is fighting against SM,” shared SM Entertainment’s President Lee Soo Man.

Kpop Fandom

Fans Learn Korean to Sing K-Pop

Headlines 02.16.12 | 08:53AM EST

France that was considered a barren land for Korean is now facing a boom in learning Korean. Bordeaux France that is known as the home of wine has implemented a Korean class for 20 high school freshman’s for 3hours a week.

Su Pearls Fame

K-Pop Boosts Spread of U.S. Pop in Korea

Headlines 02.16.12 | 08:48AM EST

Just like how K-Pop is being sung in Korean by K-Pop manias in Europe, U.S. and South America, pop songs are gaining a lot of popularity among the teens and twenties in Korea.

K Pop stars in Japan

Is It Easy for K Pop Stars to Mark the Japan's Oricon Chart No.1?

Headlines 02.13.12 | 10:45PM EST

The sales promotion of K Pop music in Japan has gone too far.

Huffington Post

Huffinton Post Reports On K-Pop For Culture Domination

Headlines 02.11.12 | 11:12PM EST

K-Pop can signify the approaching cultural domination.

"K-Pop Star" Sets The Tone For A Better Reality Voting System

Headlines 02.10.12 | 05:38PM EST

Professionals will lean in on the decisions a little more.


Nicole, IU, and Koo Hara become “Dr.K-Pop”

Headlines 02.05.12 | 02:23PM EST

Nicole, IU, and Koo Hara sport a new concept as MCs for Inki gayo


Billboard K-Pop Top 100: "Lovey Dovey" Holds Strong But Dynamic Duo Nips At T-Ara's Heels

Headlines 01.24.12 | 05:44PM EST

T-Ara keeps the coveted number one spot for another week but how long will that last?

BoA To Lee Seung Hoon “Do You Hate Me?”

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.12 | 05:28PM EST

Lee Seung Hoon odd reaction prompts BoA to ask a surprising question.


CNBLUE: First Korean Artist Featured on MTV Unplugged

Headlines 01.16.12 | 12:48PM EST

MTV makes the monumental decision to feature tKoren band CNBLUE on "Unplugged". There is no doubt this will expand the scope of K-pop everywhere.

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