Super Junior M

Secretly Greatly Prank Goes Too Far?

'Secretly Greatly' Pranks Gone Too Far? MBC Show Suffers Decrease in Viewer Ratings

Hot Issues 03.29.17 | 02:38PM EDT

MBC's 'Secretly Greatly' has been receiving low viewer ratings because of their recent episode with Super Junior-M's Henry Lau and actor Sung Hoon.

Henry Lau

Henry of Super Junior M Reveals The Agonizing Reason Why He's Still Single On 'Knowing Brothers'

Headlines 03.21.17 | 04:30AM EDT

Henry reveals on 'Knowing Brothers' episode the excruciating reason why he's still single.

Henry Lau

Henry of Super Junior-M: 7 Reasons Why He's Perfect

Buzz 03.12.17 | 12:01PM EDT

Here are the 7 talents of Super Junior-M's Henry: Cooking, singing, dancing, and many more!

Kpop Group

Kpop Groups With Non-Korean Members: EXO, 2PM, GOT7, and More!

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:10AM EST

These Kpop groups, including Super Junior M, EXO, 2PM, and many others include non-Korean members.

BeatBurger Releases Their First Mini Album With Six Tracks

5 SM Entertainment Acts Who Are Long Overdue For Comebacks

Features 10.27.15 | 10:55AM EDT

2015 has been a busy year for SM Entertainment, but there have been some noteable absences from the line-up.

miss A's Suzy

K-Pop Birthday Calendar: October 2015

Headlines 10.01.15 | 10:32AM EDT

Do you share your birthday with any of these Hallyu stars?

Super Junior Zhou Mi BNT International Magazine August 2015 Photoshoot

Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi Tells BNT International That Korea Feels Like Home

Interviews 08.04.15 | 10:45AM EDT

Super Junior M's Zhou Mi had a casual pictorial for the August issue of BNT International. During the interview, the singer discussed how he has adapted to life in Korea and his hobbies.

Henry Super Junior-M

Henry Lau Of Super Junior-M Jams With His Musical Family In Toronto During Recent Reality Show Appearance

Stars on TV / Movies 07.22.15 | 09:09AM EDT

Fans were given an exciting look inside the singer's family home in Toronto on JTBC's "Where Is My Friend's House."

Super Junior and Super Junior-M Class Photo

Super Junior Take A Class Photo During Super Show 6 Encore

Headlines 07.13.15 | 12:53PM EDT

All 11 active members of Super Junior got together for a touching group photo at the backstage of Super Show 6 encore show.

Super Junior Devil

Super Junior's Trailer For 10th Anniversary Album ‘Devil’ Draws Explosive Responses Ahead Of July 16 Release

Headlines 07.09.15 | 10:21AM EDT

Super Junior's new album 'Devil' will go on sale July 16.

henry, yoo sae yoon

Super Junior M's Henry & Comedian Yoo Sae Yoon Share Silly Photos Taken In Canada

Buzz 07.02.15 | 03:17AM EDT

Group Super Junior M's member Henry and the gagman Yoo Sae Yoon revealed their funny combination in Canada.

Henry and Amber

Super Junior-M’s Henry Confesses His Fear Of f(x) Rapper Amber

Buzz 07.01.15 | 09:57AM EDT

Henry admitted that one of his three fears in life along with heights and tiny bugs is f(x) member Amber.


Super Junior-M Member Henry Shares A Lovely Brunch With Renowned Pianist Yiruma

Buzz 06.23.15 | 10:46AM EDT

The two accomplished musicians enjoyed a lovely meal together.

Henry and Yewon

Henry Confesses His Love To Yewon During The Final Episode Of 'We Got Married'

Stars on TV / Movies 06.15.15 | 10:28AM EDT

Yewon was deeply touched as Henry serenaded her during the couple's final episode.

Henry Super Junior-M

Super Junior-M’s Henry Proudly Shows Off His Mother's Talent For Playing The Violin

Buzz 06.10.15 | 10:01AM EDT

Henry is known as a gifted violinist, but it seems he shares the passion for playing the instrument with his mom.


Super Junior-M's Henry Flies Back To Canada

Buzz 06.02.15 | 11:45PM EDT

Henry is flying to his home country of Canada just as news broke that he and Yewon will be leaving the show 'We Got Married.'

Yewon and Henry are departing from 'We Got Married.'

Super Junior-M Henry And Yewon Are Leaving 'We Got Married'

Hot Issues 06.02.15 | 09:50AM EDT

Yewon and Henry are leaving 'We Got Married,' following an on-going scandal involving actress Lee Tae Im.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Rae Biller of Michigan Gets Inspiration From Block B and Henry Lau

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 14-Year-Old Rae Biller Of Michigan On Why She Is Inspired By Block B

Interviews 07.01.15 | 08:29PM EDT

14-year-old K-popper Rae Biller of Grand Rapids, Michigan talks about how she got into Hallyu, what she thinks makes it different from mainstream American music and why Block B is the best.

amber, henry

SM Town Entertainment Releases A Photo Of f(x)'s Amber & Super Junior M's Henry Shooting For 'Running Man'

Buzz 05.30.15 | 02:46AM EDT

f(x)'s member Amber and Super Junior-M's member Henry filming for SBS "Running Man" were revealed.

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