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    These Idols Are the Current “It Girls” of K-Pop, According to Netizens

    Due to their oozing appeal and interesting personality, these idols are the current “It girls” of K-pop, according to netizens! The following names are either loved or hated by K-pop fans. Nevertheless, they just keep on slaying whatever they do may it be in the music scene, fashion industry, etc., making them more popular among other idols!

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    Here Are The Top Female Idols Who Wore The Most Expensive Jewelries and Accessories

    These K-pop idols are truly the epitome of elegance and luxurious beauty! Thus, due to their best quantities that make them stand out among the rest, these female idols are chosen to be the representative of high-end jewelry and accessory brands, which they truly deserve.

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    Girls' Generation Hyoyeon and Sunny Advise Lovelyz Kei and Mijoo to be Careful Around Men

    On an episode of "South Korean Foreigner" that aired on September 16, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and Sunny gave senior idol advice to hoobaes Lovelyz's Kei and Mijoo. There, they advised the girls to be careful of people, especially men.

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    These 7 Female Idols Claim They Can't Gain Weight No Matter How Much They Eat

    Many idols go on intense diets in the hopes of losing weight so that they can perform better on stage and look better for the fans and the camera. However, there are some idols who are on the opposite side of the spectrum - they can't gain weight no matter how much they try!

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    These 6 Female Idols Look Gorgeous With or Without Bangs

    Some women swear by having bangs, while others believe they'd be much better without it. Having bangs and not having bangs can totally change one's image, and it is a risk most people are not willing to take. These idols, however, don't relate, because they look gorgeous both with and without it, proving their unwavering beauty. Here are six idols who are total visuals no matter what hairstyle they rock!

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    Girls' Generation Taeyeon Slays as The Pictorial Muse for W Korea's October Issue

    Girls' Generation's Taeyeon slayed during the pictorial for W Korea's October 2020 edition. On the 14, the songstress shared with her fans through Instagram her photos taken during the shoot.

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    These Idols Openly Support The LGBTQ+ Community

    The world is becoming more open and more accepting of all forms of race, gender, and sexuality. Still, in South Korea, being LGBTQ+ can be a cause of ridicule and can be seen negatively. These K-pop idols, however, have proudly shown their support for the community and are helping others become more accepting of different people.

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    These Female Idols With "RBF" are Often Misunderstood as Rude and Cold But Are Actually The Sweetest

    The following idols are known for their RBF, and most of the time, they are understood for having a cold or rude personality, but they are actually some of the sweetest idols that you will know!

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    These Are The 20 Most Popular Girl Groups for The Month of September

    The Korean Business Research Institute released its brand reputation rankings for K-Pop girl groups for the month of September. To determine which girl group group makes the list, they analyzed trends such as consumer participation, community awareness, and news coverage.

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    Here Are 6 Female Idols Who Are Proud Feminists

    In South Korea, the feminism movement is gaining more traction day by day. In a male-dominated society, women are standing up for themselves against the idea that women are less than men. Now, even the South Korean government aims to ensure gender equality in society by securing equal rights for both men and women and offering both genders the same opportunities. However, many old-fashion people still consider feminism as something negative. Nevertheless, there are numerous idols who proudly show off their feminist beliefs. Here are six female idols who are proud feminists.

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    These Singers Can Make Any Song They Feature On Hit Number One

    When an artist participates in another artists' song, its called a "feature". A feature is done to add a new color to the song and makes it more attractive to fans. Any time a Korean artist announces a feature, the song always becomes a hot topic. And when these idols are the ones mentioned as a featured artist, the song is assured to be an instant hit. Because of that, they are called "featuring fairies" by media outlets. Here are five artists who can cause any song they feature on hit number one on the charts!

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    These Female Idols Are The “Aces” of K-Pop, According to Netizens

    K-pop is packed with talented idols, and the competition is not to be downplayed. Admit it or not, there are those personalities who are just perfect in everything, which you can consider the "lethal weapons" of their agencies. The following female idols are considered as the "aces" of K-pop, and you can't help but admire them for their excellence!

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    These Idols Can Light Up The World With Their Eye Smiles

    An eye smile is when someone smiles so bright that their eyes radiate that smile too, making it look as if they’re smiling with their eyes as well. Some idols are incredibly famous, therefore, for this exact eye smile.

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    These K-Pop Idols Are Famous Introverts in The Industry

    In K-pop, an idol needs confidence. Confidence does not equate to extroversion, however. These are idols who are well-known introverts in the industry. Though they may look cold and haughty at first glance because of how quiet they are, they are actually kind-hearted, eccentric, and have lovely charms.

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    These Idols Looked Absolutely Stunning As Blondes

    When an idol wants to spice up their visuals, the quickest and most effective way is by dyeing their hair. Among all the colors they can dye their hair, blonde is one of the more popular choices. While most people would have trouble digesting the color, these idols looked absolutely stunning as blondes.

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    These Are The Most Loved 2nd Generation Girl Group Songs Of All Time According To Korean Netizens

    Korean netizens on an online community forum selected which girl group released in the second generation are their favorites.

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    Korean Netizens Select The Female Idols With The Most Unique Vocal Color

    Korean netizens on an online community forum recently shared which female K-pop idol has the best vocal color. Figure out which six girl group idols they selected here:

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    K-Media Outlets Claim K-Pop is Losing Its Original Charm + See Netizens' Reactions

    Numerous South Korean media outlets have reported on the "dilemma" K-Pop is facing right now. Many believe that the genre is losing its original charm and characteristics. This issue arises following the rise of English songs being made in the industry. While some netizens agree to this sentiment, many have defended the use of English in K-pop.

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    These K-Pop Dances Are The Best for Burning Calories

    Korean netizens on an online community forum dished on which K-pop dances are the best at burning calories. Check them out here!

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