The main trailer for 'Today's Love' has been released.

Lee Seung Gi Gets Dissed By Moon Chae Won In The Full Trailer For ‘Today’s Love’

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.14 | 09:40AM EST

The main trailer for ‘Today’s Love’ starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won has been released.

t-ara hyomin thick fur beanie

T-ara Hyomin, Cute In Big Fur Beanie And Mustang Jacket

Buzz 12.16.14 | 12:17AM EST

T-ara's member Hyomin revealed her unique fashion style.

Clazziquai’s First Concert in Four Years, Horan Delays Honeymoon

K-Pop Mixtape: The Best Of Korean Electro

Features 12.15.14 | 07:16AM EST

A collection of songs from the best electronic musicians in K-pop - Clazziquai Project, Idiotape, GD X Taeyang, and more!

Min Chicken

5 K-Pop Stars That Are Making Us Hungry

Features 12.12.14 | 11:46AM EST

Warning: you might want to make sure snacks are nearby before you keep reading.

t-ara hyomin in a cheongsam

T-ara's Hyomin, In A Mini Chinese Dress 'Doll-Like Body'

Buzz 12.11.14 | 12:56AM EST

Girl group T-ara's member Hyomin revealed her doll-like body line.

T-ara & the China Influence via KultScene

T-ara & The China Influence [Blog]

Features 12.08.14 | 07:30AM EST

Upon their downfall as one of Korea's most popular girl groups, T-ara turned to China to make up for their loses. Is China K-Pop's newest frontier?

SHINee's Onew

K-Pop Birthday Calendar: Which Korean Celebrities Celebrate In December?

Features 12.05.14 | 08:33AM EST

Which of your favorite K-Pop stars celebrate their birthday in December?

t-ara hyomin honey butter chips

T-ara's Hyomin, Bunny Eyes With Honey Butter Chips In Her Arms "Two Whole Bags?!"

Buzz 12.03.14 | 02:10AM EST

T-ara's member Hyomin revealed a picture of herself with chips in her arms.

Toy wins on 'Music Core'

'Music Core' Showreel: Toy Wins On The November 29, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Headlines 11.30.14 | 11:03PM EST

Toy wins their second first place trophy on the November 29th episode of 'Music Core.'


T-ARA To Hold Two Intimate Christmas Concerts For Fans In Seoul

Headlines 11.28.14 | 08:41AM EST

T-ARA has scheduled two small performances for their fans on December 25 as they kick off their international tour.

Girl Group T-ARA Surpass 8 Million Views On Chinese Video Site Youku With 'Little Apple' [VIDEO]

Girl Group T-ARA Surpass 8 Million Views On Chinese Video Site Youku With 'Little Apple' [VIDEO]

Headlines 11.26.14 | 12:55PM EST

Girl group T-ARA's new song, "Little Apple" has been receiving much attention in China with over 8 million views on their music video.

T-ARA with the Chopsticks Brothers

T-ARA Trade In Their Sexy Image For Track Suits In The Video For Chopsticks Brothers' C-Pop Hit 'Little Apple'

Headlines 11.25.14 | 08:34AM EST

T-ARA take on the average girl concept for the Chopsticks Brother’s ‘Little Apple’ video.

hyomin water park

T-ara Hyomin, Shorts + Crop Tee 'Hot Body'

Buzz 11.20.14 | 02:46AM EST

T-ara's member Hyomin showed off her long and hot body.

t-ara jackie chan sweats in china

T-ara Reveals Their Concept For Debut In China 'Jackie Chan Style Sweats?'

Headlines 11.19.14 | 01:28AM EST

Group T-ara's concept for their Korea-China album Little Apple was revealed.

hyomin v chin liine

T-ara Hyomin, Sharp Chin Line 'Chic Lady'

Buzz 11.18.14 | 02:53AM EST

T-ara's member Hyomin showed off her V chin line.

jiyeon photo shoto behind the scene

T-ara Jiyeon, Behind-The-Scene Photos Of Photo Shoot "So Pretty"

Buzz 11.07.14 | 03:57AM EST

T-ara's member Jiyeon filming for a photo shoot was revealed.

Big Bang TOP and Seungri

How To Get Your Friends To Listen To K-Pop

Features 11.01.14 | 12:50PM EDT

Shockingly, there are still a few non-K-Pop fans out there. Here's a handy guide to changing their minds.

T-ARA To Release 'Little Apology' On November 6

T-ARA To Release 'Little Apology' On November 6

Headlines 10.23.14 | 01:11AM EDT

Girl group T-ARA will show their own interpreted version of "Little Apology."

T-ARA To Release Their Own Rendition Of 'Little Apple' On November 6

T-ARA To Release Their Own Rendition Of 'Little Apple' On November 6

Headlines 10.21.14 | 11:16AM EDT

Girl group T-ARA will be releasing their own version of "Little Apple" next month.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Top Pop Charts In China

Headlines 10.14.14 | 11:47AM EDT

Red Velvet topped two music charts in China with their comeback single "Be Natural."

EXO's Luhan

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of October 6 - 11, 2014)

Headlines 10.13.14 | 11:40PM EDT

K-Pop news that appeared on U.S. online media for the week of October 6 - 11, 2014.

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