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BTS' V Run Away Being Chased By Sasaeng Fans At Gimpo Airport: The Idol Was Grabbed By His Manager To Escape

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 09:29 AM EDT

BTS' V being chased by sasaeng fans at Gimpo Airport.
BTS' V got a bad experience being chased by sasaeng girls at Gimpo Airport. Check out more here! (Photo : Abiz - Entertainment Buzz/YouTube)

When there is a famous idol, there will many fans following around. It is normal for a star to have many fans. But there are some cases when fans go too far. Recently, BTS' V got a bad experience being chased by fans.

Previously, V was going to Jeju Island to have a short vacation with Park Bo Gum. The two best friends went on trip to go to amusement parks and subways, AllKpop reported. V also posted some pictures of the trip in his social media.

After coming back from Jeju, V took a plane and got off at Gimpo Airport. Then, the bad thing happen when some fans chased him. V's manager then pulled him so that he could run faster to the car, KoreaPortal reported. The fans went too far in interfering the idol's privacy.

The video of some girls chasing V was leaked and it went viral and many ARMYs have commented on that. They said that the girls were pathetic and they have interfered too much on V's privacy. It must have been really uncomfortable to V to handle the situation. Even though BigHit Entertainment hasn't given their statement, but many other fans have commented on it, saying it was too much.

The fans who interfere too much on the idol's privacy, or everyone calls it sasaeng fans, do not stop only with V. Previously, as Soompi reported, BTS' Jimin also got sasaeng fans when they gave death threats to the idol.

Having those sasaeng fans, as BTS' agency, BigHit Entertainment stated that they would add more security to BTS members. It seems that more security is indeed for V as in the video, everyone could see that he got help only by the manager. Many loyal fans of V also cursed those girls chasing V. They wanted sasaeng fans to give space to the V and appreciate his privacy.

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