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Curious About New K-pop Group ACE? Here's What You Need To Know

By Angie Chui | May 18, 2017 09:16 AM EDT

Five-member K-pop group ACE is about to debut on May 23 with their first single "Cactus" and there is currently plenty of interest surrounding this bunch. The group, made up of Jun, Jason, Wow, Dong Hoon, and Chan is made up of some pretty familiar faces since they have appeared in dance videos, dramas and singing shows in Korea and their individual fans are waiting to see what these guys can do as a group.

It's a pretty tall order to be pitted against an already crowded K-pop music industry with the competition leveling up their game with each release. With each successful K-pop group, the fandom plays an important role much like BIG BANG's VIPs, EXO's EXO-Ls, BTS' ARMY, WINNER's INNER CIRCLE, iKON's IKONIC and a slew of other fandoms who have been crucial in propelling their idols to global superstardom so it remains to be seen if ACE will have the same level of pull for their fanbase.

In their own right, ACE, which stands for "Adventure Calling Emotions" members are already being followed by fans since the beginning of their individual careers. ACE's leader Jun was cast in the musical "Peste" and already appeared in a dance choreography video "Sing" by Xia Kim as well as "I See Your Voice 4." Jason, an ex-JYP trainee, has also appeared on singing show "K-pop Star 2" while Donghyun was originally seen in "Superstar K5" and "I See Your Voice 4." All Kpop reported

According to Kpop Amino, the group's rapper Wow also appeared in the "Sing" video with leader Jun. ACE's maknae Chan is known for his exceptional vocals and promises to bring on the charm and cuteness that maknaes are known for.

ACE has previously given a sample of their abilities by teasing dance and vocal rehearsals where they covered BTS' "Blood, Sweat and Tears" and BLACKPINK's "Playing with Fire." ACE will debut with their first single "Cactus," on May 23.

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