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TWICE Members Showed Different Reactions After Tasting The Smelliest Food In South Korea

By Siti Fatimah | May 21, 2017 05:10 PM EDT

TWICE members just made their appearance on "Baek Jong Won's Top 3 Chefs" and they tried the smelliest food in South Korea. They showed different expressions after tasting the food, but mostly they were shocked by the smell and the taste.

TWICE members were asked to take a bite of the fermented fish and Jungyeon was the first member to try it. After tasting it, Jungyeon said that it was good, but a different reaction showed by Momo as she was shocked by the bizarre taste of the fermented food, AllKpop reported.

After that, it was Jihyo's turn to try the food and she couldn't chew it well at first, yet she said that it was still okay for her. The next was Tzuyu and she directly choked after taking her first bite, commenting that it tasted like a hair dye.

TWICE seems to enjoy their appearance on variety shows more and their entertaining skills have been improving. Previously, they made their appearance on "Weekly Idol" and the girls were really good in doing the tasks given from the two MCs.

When they appeared on "Weekly Idol," TWICE were asked to do random dance and they would be punished when they did a mistake. The girls wanted to try their best and tried not to mess up in random dance, but Jungyeon made a mistake and she was hit by a hammer toy, AllKpop reported.

TWICE also made their appearance on "Knowing Brothers" and the members were more relaxed in this show. Mina, Momo, and Dahyun showed off their dancing skills when the music was given. They were doing really great in the show which was hosted by Heechul, Kang Hodong, and others.

TWICE just made their comeback with their new song "Signal" and it is the first song composed by JYP after they debuted. After its release, the song dominated the charts domestically and internationally, showing the promising success of their comeback, Soompi reported.

TWICE will continue their promotion with "Signal" in various music shows and they will also make their appearance in different variety shows. The girls also plan to have their debut in Japan with their hit songs sung in both Japanese and Korean after they finish their activities in Korea.

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