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Fans Learn Korean to Sing K-Pop

Headlines 02.16.12 | 08:53AM EST

France that was considered a barren land for Korean is now facing a boom in learning Korean. Bordeaux France that is known as the home of wine has implemented a Korean class for 20 high school freshman’s for 3hours a week.

Su Pearls Fame

K-Pop Boosts Spread of U.S. Pop in Korea

Headlines 02.16.12 | 08:48AM EST

Just like how K-Pop is being sung in Korean by K-Pop manias in Europe, U.S. and South America, pop songs are gaining a lot of popularity among the teens and twenties in Korea.

K Pop stars in Japan

Is It Easy for K Pop Stars to Mark the Japan's Oricon Chart No.1?

Headlines 02.13.12 | 10:45PM EST

The sales promotion of K Pop music in Japan has gone too far.

Huffington Post

Huffinton Post Reports On K-Pop For Culture Domination

Headlines 02.11.12 | 11:12PM EST

K-Pop can signify the approaching cultural domination.

"K-Pop Star" Sets The Tone For A Better Reality Voting System

Headlines 02.10.12 | 05:38PM EST

Professionals will lean in on the decisions a little more.


Nicole, IU, and Koo Hara become “Dr.K-Pop”

Headlines 02.05.12 | 02:23PM EST

Nicole, IU, and Koo Hara sport a new concept as MCs for Inki gayo


Billboard K-Pop Top 100: "Lovey Dovey" Holds Strong But Dynamic Duo Nips At T-Ara's Heels

Headlines 01.24.12 | 05:44PM EST

T-Ara keeps the coveted number one spot for another week but how long will that last?

BoA To Lee Seung Hoon “Do You Hate Me?”

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.12 | 05:28PM EST

Lee Seung Hoon odd reaction prompts BoA to ask a surprising question.


CNBLUE: First Korean Artist Featured on MTV Unplugged

Headlines 01.16.12 | 12:48PM EST

MTV makes the monumental decision to feature tKoren band CNBLUE on "Unplugged". There is no doubt this will expand the scope of K-pop everywhere.

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