Lee Hi

Super Junior's Kyuhyun

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] Super Junior's Kyuhyun, GD X Taeyang, Apink, And More; Who Ranks #1 For The First Week Of December?

Headlines 12.03.14 | 07:07AM EST

Top ten countdown for the first week of December. Which of your idols made it on our chart for this week?

Suhyun and Lee Hi

Hi Suhyun Take Fans Behind The Scenes Of Their 'I'm Different' Music Video With Making-Of Film

Headlines 11.25.14 | 07:35AM EST

New YG Entertainment sub-unit Hi Suhyun has released a behind the scenes video for their debut music video "I'm Different."

YG Entertainment has been unstoppable in 2014.

With Multiple Chart-Topping Hits, 2014 Is The Year Of YG Entertainment

Features 11.27.14 | 07:47AM EST

From their success at the MelOn Music Awards to the unstoppable hits, 2014 is the year of YG.

Billboard Praises YG Entertainment's New Group Hi Suhyun For Their Unique Vocals

Billboard Praises YG Entertainment's New Group Hi Suhyun For Their Unique Vocals

Features 11.21.14 | 11:13AM EST

U.S. Billboard has praised YG Entertainment's new unit group, Hi Suhyun.

hi suhyun polaroid pictures from behind the scenes

Hi Suhyun, Polaroid Pictures From 'I'm Different' Behind-The-Scenes

Headlines 11.20.14 | 02:44AM EST

YG Entertainment's new unit group Hi Suhyun revealed their behind-the-scene photos, catching much attention.

hi suhyun mv released

Hi Suhyun 'I'm Different' MV, The Cuteness Competition Of The Two Girls

Headlines 11.19.14 | 01:25AM EST

Unit group Hi Suhyun's MV for their song "I'm Different" was released.

Hi Suhyun

HI SUHYUN Reveal Debut 'I'm Different' Music Video Featuring iKON's Bobby

Headlines 11.18.14 | 09:27PM EST

YG Entertainment's Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun have revealed their first music video together for "I'm Different."

akdong musician lee hi epik high concert

Tablo, Pictures From Concert Wtih Akdong Musician And Lee Hi

Buzz 11.17.14 | 03:01AM EST

Epik High's member Tablo revealed pictures with Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, and Younha who attended his concert.

lee hi not taking SATs

Lee Hi, "I'm Not Sad About Not Being Able To Take The SAT"

Interviews 11.15.14 | 03:45AM EST

YG's new unit Hi Suhyun's member Lee Hi was interviewed.

lee hi interview

Lee Hi About Dating Restrictions, 'Yang Hyun Suk Doesn't Allow Dating Yet'

Headlines 11.15.14 | 04:11AM EST

Lee Hi recently revealed that her record label's CEO doesn't want her to start dating yet.

Hi Suhyun featuring Bobby of iKON.

Lee Hi Of Hi Suhyun Discusses Being Friends With Akdong Musician, WINNER And iKON

Headlines 11.14.14 | 03:53PM EST

With YG Entertainment's latest single "I'm Different," fans are getting a collaboration between Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and iKON, and that is by no means an accident.

hi suhyun dominating music charts

How Did HI SUHYUN Dominate Music Charts?

Headlines 11.14.14 | 03:26AM EST

YG Entertainment's new unit Hi Suhyun has been dominating the music industry with their debut.

Hi Suhyun Takes First On 10 Different Online Music Charts With 'I'm Different'

Hi Suhyun Takes First On 10 Different Online Music Charts With 'I'm Different'

Headlines 11.14.14 | 03:48AM EST

YG Entertainment's new unit group Hi Suhyun took first place with their song, "I'm Different" on 10 different online music charts.

Epik High

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] Epik High, Super Junior, HI SUHYUN, And More; Who Ranks #1 For The Second Week Of November?

Headlines 11.12.14 | 07:23AM EST

Your weekly top ten countdown for the week. Which of your favorite K-Pop stars rank on our chart for the second week?

HI SUHYUN are entrancingly soulful on 'I'm Different.'

Single Review: HI SUHYUN Conjure Late '60s Soul With Help From iKON's Bobby On 'I'm Different' [AUDIO]

Reviews 11.12.14 | 06:53AM EST

HI SUHYUN capture the essence of Motown on their song ‘I’m Different.’


Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (November 2- November 8, 2014)

Features 11.11.14 | 08:21AM EST

This week's rundown of the best Instagram posts from your favorite K-Pop stars!

Fans Criticize Lee Hi's Teaser Photo For Hi Suhyun's 'I'm Different' Single

Fans Criticize Lee Hi's Teaser Photo For Hi Suhyun's 'I'm Different' Single

Hot Issues 11.07.14 | 01:12PM EST

As K-pop fans eagerly anticipate the debut of YG Entertainment's latest unit group, a recent teaser image is causing some controversy over its depiction of Lee Ha Yi (Lee Hi).

M! Countdown Previews YG New Unit Hi Suhyun

M! Countdown Previews YG New Unit Hi Suhyun Featuring iKON's Bobby [VIDEO]

Headlines 11.06.14 | 05:19PM EST

As the next YG Entertainment act to have its debut, South Korean music program "M! Countdown" has confirmed new unit Hi Suhyun's comeback date with a video preview.

Hi Suhyun

YG Unit-Group Hi Suhyun Reveals 'I'm Different' As Debut Single On November 11

Headlines 11.06.14 | 12:25PM EST

More exciting news from YG Entertainment as the company announces the name of Hi Suhyun's first single, "I'm Different."

Hi Suhyun

Akdong Musician's Lee Suhyun Joins Lee Hi In New YG Entertainment Unit Group Hi Suhyun

Headlines 11.05.14 | 01:45PM EST

The pair of teenagers will drop their first collaborative single on November 11 featuring iKON's Bobby.

yg entertainment new unit one member left

YG, Causing A Storm Every Time They Reveal A New Member Of Their 'New Unit'

Headlines 11.05.14 | 05:50AM EST

YG Entertainment will soon release the debut of a new unit group. It has been revealed that the group has two female and one male members. One of the girls was revealed to be Lee Hi and the boy member to be iKON's Bobby.

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