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Wardrobe Inspection: The Best Dressed K-Pop Music Video Concepts Of 2015

By Nikole Smith | December 28, 2015 11:00 AM EST


As we come to a close on 2015, it’s good to reminisce on some of the most memorable concepts that came about each month. Let’s check it out!

“Drama” by 9MUSES & “Pretty” Infinite H

9MUSES and Infinite H helped kick off 2015 with two upbeat tracks. Both concepts can be defined as “classic” yet with two different interpretations. 9MUSES went for a chic theatrical theme while Infinite played on the classic grayscale with bursts of graphic patterned fabrics.

“Crazy” by 4Minute & “Sniper” by SHINHWA

Solid colors were a theme for these two groups. 4Minute was decked out in all black for their “Crazy” music video along with snapbacks and plenty of accessories. SHINHWA went for bold looking having donned all red suits during their charismatic dance for “Sniper.”

“Flower” by XIA Junsu & “Paradise Lost” by Ga In

Both of these particular concepts had mystical qualities. “Flower” had many vibrant whites and golds contrasted by red and the bright turquoise tint of XIA Junsu's hair. Ga In went for the darker side in her music video for “Paradise Lost.” While she also has alluring golds in some of her scenes, the video also features many hues of blue such as navy and midnight tones.

“Dope” by BTS & “AHH OOP!” by MAMAMOO and eSNa

It was classic versus modern between these two groups. While BTS donned the uniforms of various occupations in their “Dope” music video, the ladies of MAMAMOO along with eSNa took it back to the 50’s for their “AHH OOP!” comeback.

“Bae Bae” by BIGBANG & “Kiss My Lips” by BoA

May was a strong month featuring the heavyweights of K-pop including the Queen of K-pop herself, BoA. While Big Bang's “Bae Bae” was more on the eccentric side with its pastel and neon accents, “Kiss My Lips” took on a more elegant ballroom style. Despite the stark contrast in concepts, both music videos did have quite an abundance of feathers in their fashion.

“Love Me Right” by EXO & “Heart Attack” by AOA

It seems sports were the “it” trend for the month of June as both AOA and EXO pulled out athletic gear for their comebacks. “Love Me Right” took it to the field with an American football concept while the ladies of AOA brought their lacrosse skills to the forefront.

“Champagne” by U-Know (TVXQ) & “Party” by Girls Generation

What’s a party without a little champagne? TVXQ leader, U-Know Yunho and Girls’ Generation brought the summer heat in their respective July releases. While “Champagne” brought the party indoors with nightclub attire, Girls Generation took things outside to the beach in bikinis and cool summer fashion.

“I Feel You” by Wonder Girls & “Married to the Music” by SHINee

Speaking of parties, SHINee threw one of their own and featured some rather ghoulish outfit choices. While SHINee’s theme was perfect for Halloween, the Wonder Girl’s decided to take it back to the late 80’s in their style choice. The Wonder Girls mimicked the style of many popular music videos and even work-out videos found within that decade.

“Mansae” by Seventeen & “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet

Both Seventeen and Red Velvet opened up the fall season with an upbeat and refreshing sound. Rookie group Seventeen went for the trademark school boy look swooning the hearts of many. Red Velvet, on the other hand, took well to the Pippy Longstocking theme making sure to incorporate plenty of red.

"Like OOH-AHH” by TWICE & “The Beat” by Topp Dogg

Two groups that had a multitude of stylish outfits during the October month were TWICE and Topp Dogg. While TWICE donned quite the array of wardrobe choices from cheerleader to rocker, Topp Dogg showcased their own charm through each of their vastly different hairstyle choices from cornrows to a hot pink comb over.

 “Brave New World” by Brown Eyed Girls & “Chained Up” VIXX

While Brown Eyed Girls opened up a new world filled with sexy charm, glitter, and vibrantly toned outfits and makeup, VIXX offered a confined theme sticking to black and white with their key point landing on the various collars worn on their neck through their music video for “Chained Up.” It seems like the two concepts were quite opposite.

“Again” by TURBO & “Star Wars” by Cheetah

Fierce rapper, Cheetah, dropped her track “Star Wars” which featured her in chic white button down and hair slicked back and alluring audiences. The rapper even donned a plain white T-shirt, hoop earrings, and a snapback while still managing to make it look quite tenacious. If Cheetah wasn’t enough of a boost for December, then TURBO for sure added some of their own fire to the winter month. TURBO celebrated their 20th Anniversary decked out in all-black and leather adjusting to the current trend, meanwhile, retaining the charm that boosted them to fame in the 90’s. Emphasis was also placed on their choice of eyewear as it adds a more futuristic touch.

2015 may be closing out but more group are already coming back in 2016 with rumored returns from iKON, Dal Shabet, 4Minute and more.

Who’s ready for a K-pop packed 2016?

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