Kim Junsu

T.O.P. And Kim Junsu Enters Military Service Training, Swarmed With Hundreds Of Fans

T.O.P., Kim Junsu Enter Military Service Training, Swarmed With Hundreds Of Fans

Hot Issues 02.17.17 | 06:10AM EST

T.O.P. and Kim Junsu, two of the hottest young stars of South Korea, have just entered the compulsory military service training. Despite this, hundreds of die-hard fans still swarmed the young lads.


JYJ's Kim Junsu To Hold 2nd Spring Ballad Tour Of Japan This March

Headlines 02.03.16 | 12:59PM EST

His inaugural tour in 2014 sold out all three concerts with 30,000 in attendance.

JYJ's Kim Junsu

JYJ's Kim Junsu Gets Ready To Hit The Stage Once Again As 'Dracula' In Latest Musical Production

Headlines 12.31.15 | 12:21PM EST

The pop star and musical theater actor posed for the January issue of The Musical in order to promote his upcoming play 'Dracula.'

TVXQ Yunho - Champagne

Wardrobe Inspection: The Best Dressed K-Pop Music Video Concepts Of 2015

Features 12.28.15 | 11:00AM EST

Check out our picks for this year's best dressed K-pop comebacks and debuts.

JYJ's Kim Junsu

JYJ's Junsu Nabs Top Star Honor At Korean Life Style Awards

Headlines 12.14.15 | 12:12PM EST

JYJ's Junsu wins award for the 2015 'Korean Life Style Awards' thanks to his fans.

jyj junsu @star1 magazine december 2015 photos

@Star1 Releases More Bright Photos Of Junsu

Fashion & Style 12.04.15 | 02:16PM EST

JYJ's Junsu starred in "One Day" for the December issue of @Star1. The singer had a relaxing day indoors for the pictorial, so he lounged in garden chairs and even took a nap on the floor.

JYJ's Junsu

Kim Junsu To Release Solo Album Next Month While Other JYJ Members Fulfill Military Service Requirement

Headlines 09.14.15 | 09:34AM EDT

The singer and musical actor will drop a new solo album while JYJ is on hiatus.

JYJ's Park Yoochun at 51st Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Film Awards)

JYJ's Park Yoochun To Hold Last Fan Meeting Before Military Enlistment On August 25

Headlines 08.11.15 | 10:52AM EDT

Later this month, Park Yoochun will meet with fans prior to his mandatory military enlistment.

Kim Junsu Cast As L in Death Note Musical

JYJ's Junsu Cast As L In 'Death Note The Musical'

Headlines 04.07.15 | 08:54AM EDT

Kim Junsu will flaunt his musical talents once again as he takes on another stage production role, this time starring in 'Death Note.'

Kim Junsu Wrapping Bus

JYJ's Junsu's Year-End Concert Bus-Wrap Advertisements To Roam Streets Of Korea

Headlines 12.11.14 | 11:44PM EST

Kim Junsu's special wrapping bus is exploring Seoul and advertising his year-end concert.

Kim Junsu Concert Setlist

JYJ Junsu's Year-End Concert Setlist Revealed

Headlines 12.11.14 | 01:01AM EST

Kim Junsu's year-end concert setlist revealed that he will be singing the 'Secret Garden' OST.

JYJ Kim Junsu Hotel To Open On September 25

JYJ Kim Junsu To Open Hotel On September 25

Headlines 08.25.14 | 06:07AM EDT

JYJ Kim Junsu's Toskana Hotel will open on September 25.

JYJ's Junsu Named Best Male Musical Actor Of 2014 By The Musical Magazine

JYJ Kim Junsu Takes A Dracula Selfie

Buzz 08.05.14 | 09:17AM EDT

Boy group JYJ member Kim Junsu shared a photo as a dracula.


JYJ Members' Military Enlistment Still Undetermined

Headlines 08.04.14 | 06:39AM EDT

Fans are still waiting for news about the JYJ members and their mandatory military service

Kim Junsu Reveals Music Video of Musical “Dracula”

Kim Junsu Reveals Music Video of Musical “Dracula”

Headlines 07.15.14 | 01:28AM EDT

The music video for musical "Dracula," starring JYJ's Kim Junsu, is gaining popularity.


Tickets For JYJ's Concert 'The Return Of The King' Sell Out Within 20 Minutes

Headlines 07.03.14 | 06:57AM EDT

Tickets for JYJ's concert on August 9th sold out within twenty minutes.

JYJ are set to make a comeback.

Execs From JYJ's Record Label C-JeS Accuse Organizers Of 2014 Incheon Asian Games Of Backing Out Of Agreement

Headlines 07.02.14 | 05:00PM EDT

In a statement released on Tuesday, C-JeS execs accused the committee of once again bowing to pressure from the three JYJ members' former label, SM Entertainment.

XIA Junsu


Airport Fashion 05.11.14 | 06:10AM EDT


JYJ's Kim 'Xia' Junsu will be playing Dracula in Seoul production of the broadway musical.

JYJ's Kim 'Xia' Junsu Bit By The Acting Bug? Singer To Star As 'Charming, Romantic' Dracula In Seoul Musical Production

Airport Fashion 05.08.14 | 04:39PM EDT

Kim 'Xia' Junsu will star in a production of "Dracula" at South Korea's Seoul Arts Center from July 17 to Sept. 5.

Kim Jaejoong

Five Fun Facts About Kim Jaejoong

Airport Fashion 05.06.14 | 10:51AM EDT

The violent and yet vulnerable thug Jang Dong Chul is an edgy noir role for Kim Jaejoong, an actor who has been described as the “prettiest man in Asia.”


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