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Amber Gets Real For New SM Station Track 'Borders'

By Kevin Fox | March 26, 2016 10:39 PM EDT


F(x) rapper Amber has dropped a new solo single and music video for the most recent installment of SM Station.

The music video for the song, titled "Borders," was released through SMTOWN's official YouTube channel on March 24. Within two days, it has reached over 800,000 views. 

Written in English, "Borders" is a medium-paced synth hip-hop track filled with Amber's personal experiences and struggles that she underwent as she worked to succeed. The inspirational lyrics demonstrate that if one pursues their goals and never gives up, they will find success.

However, Amber's warm, caring personality is not only found in the lyrics, but in a message found in the video description that she wrote herself. 
In the message, Amber mentions that song is about her as a regular personal, rather than the glamorous celebrity persona that her fans know her as. "Right now I speak not as Amber of f(x) nor "celebrity" Amber, but just Amber. Plain, simple, human, Amber.

"'Borders' is a raw and real story about reality," the f(x) rapper shared. "It contains not only my experiences, but of people very close to me."

Amber also mentioned the most important thing that she hopes listeners remember from the song: "There is always hope in the midst of this dark demanding world."

"In the end, live for those that did not get the chance to and just keep fighting," she said, before ending the personal message with a thank you to her fans.

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