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Davichi Makes Fans Want To Find Their Other Half With '50 X Half' Mini Album

By Jaswin Singh | October 13, 2016 04:57 AM EDT


Davichi is indeed Davichi with both Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung. They are also great as a soloist but when they sing together, it's just perfect. One of the things I love about Kwangsoo is that he made Davichi and did not ruin them.

So here is my review of the album:

"Fall Night" is your typical Davichi ballad. It starts with a piano then a violin then other instruments. It will give you lots of feels, even the feels you have never felt before. This song is perfect when you just got dumped or your heart was broken. If you listen to this, you'll definitely be a crying mess.

"Love Is To Give" will be the other title track that they will release. The music video teaser for this one has been released already and Lee Jongsuk is the actor. The piano in the beginning already tells you how sad will the song be. This one is different from "Beside Me" as it is slower and calmer. Unlike "Beside Me", this one does not really have that grand orchestra sound.

"Beside Me" is one of the greatest release this year. Davichi never fails to deliver powerful vocals and super sad song. I supper love the chorus where they sing together, I love it when they harmonize. The build up of the song is really nicely done. How the instruments are slowly added every part. Then the bridge, that is where all hell breaks loose and you will be a crying mess. This type of song is where Davichi was known. I am a ballad lover so Davichi is one of my favourite kpop acts and this song is perfect for autumn.

"PET" is a feel good song with an acoustic start in the album. It is a nice track to listen to after the first three ballads. It also shows Davichi's versatility. The song gets better after the first chorus as the two sings together with just guitar as the accompaniment. The song is also nicely made. It is kind of out of place in the album but still a nice song.

"Have You Ever Been Like That" is another ballad. This one is, I think, the slowest one out of all the songs in the album. Every time I hear Davichi sing, I feel like I have been dumped by a long time boyfriend or have been left at the altar. You just feel every emotion they convey through the song. Especially Haeri, I feel like she is going to cry every time she sings a sad song. This song is one of those.

You can never do wrong with a Davichi album. If you love ballads like I do, this album is definitely a listen!

Also watch their first live performance of the song.

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