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Gugudan: What Is The Missing Formula?

By Jaswin Singh | November 12, 2016 08:11 AM EST


Many of you know "Produce 101" and maybe some even have watched "Produce 101" religiously. That particular MNET show gave birth to one of the trendiest girl group, IOI, and many other female idols' dreams.

If you watched that or at least heard of it, you probably know Sejeong, Mina and Nayoung. Though Nayoung did not become part of IOI, she was really close. These three are now part of Jellyfish's first and only girl group, Gugudan. Now, many people would have guessed or expected that with these three members, Gugudan would be as famous as IOI or even close, but no. People did not like Gugudan and their song. So, what is wrong?

First of all, the name, their name means the multiplication table. Many Korean and international fans were surprised by their name. Like how in the world would you think of that name. The members deserve a better name but I guess that can't be changed. Second, the number of members, though this is not really a problem because girl groups with many members are the current trend (Twice, IOI, Cosmic Girls, Dia), them having nine members means the three would not really come out of the music video or the live performances that much (sans God Sejeong).

Third, they did not make Sejeong, Nayoung, or Mina the center. I don't mind Hana being the center, she's really pretty and all, but, the public knows the three and I think it would be better if they made them the center and just introduce the other members gradually. A perfect example of that is EXID. Hani was the first one then their company pushed the other members.

Last but definitely not the least, the concept. They debuted with "Wonderland" and it was so lackluster. I was hoping for a VIXX-like concept but was super upset when they released "Wonderland". The song is cute and all but nothing stood out. In kpop these days you need something to make it out of "nugudom". Also, their on stage clothes were kinda cheap looking so there was that too.

They released a dance cover recently and it was of VIXX's "Chained Up" and it really suited the girls so much. I am now hoping they would be the girl version of VIXX when it comes to the concept. They should not waste Sejeong's fame while she is still liked by the public. Jellyfish better work their asses for Gugudan!

What do you think?

Gugudan "Wonderland" MV

Gugudan "Wonderland" dance practice

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