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K-Pop gamers: Park Chanyeol, three other male artists play 'Overwatch,' 'League of Legends,' other popular video games in Korea

By analine Murphy | December 07, 2016 01:57 PM EST


"Overwatch" and "League of Legends" are the most popular video games in Korea. As they are popular, many K-Pop idols hook flat-out into them.

So when K-Pop luminaries flaunt an added profile other than performing, the followers' curiosity grows wild. Hallyu fans are thrilled to see the other side of their favorite stars.

They are like themselves in so many ways, video games enthusiasts. Similarly, followers are left open mouthed when four major K-Pop male celebrities are selected hardcore gamers.

It also justifies the fact that the game diversion has filtered into the K-Pop niche.
What do K-Pop celebrities do when not onstage executing electrifying dance moves, rapping or kicking R and B beats?

Recently pitched by Koreaboo as diehard gamers are: VIXX's Hongbin, 2ST's Doojoon, EXO's Chanyeol and BTS's Jungkook.

The league of steadfast gamers

VIXX's Hongbin plays video games relentlessly, and so does his family. Named the Hanzo master for his partiality to the avatar, he can show mastery of its rudiments anytime.

Being a pro matchstick player; it gives him an added status. He is not merely a K-Pop idol but an enthusiastic Overwatch player as well.
A guesting in Mobidic's TV production, "Jung Dae Man," proves how he has drawn a quick strategy to win the game.

The program highlights celebrities battling against each other based on reflexes, tactics, and skill with video games.
Fans clobber at how up to par Hongbin completes his moves along with his teammates. However, he prefers to play on the same team most of the time.

Then as well, Doo Joon, a seasoned soccer player on the side, is a video game die hard. He opts playing not only on the same team but welcomes the hurdle from anyone taking on him in the match.

He enjoys working on video games mostly during his leisure hours.BTS's main vocalist, Jung Kook, on the other hand, is an avid fan of Cowboy- hat- clad- avatar Mcree.

The artist favors playing video games in his own spare time. He enjoys The Piano, a full paced and close attention game on his mobile phone.

An ardent Overwatch gamer, he has been seen pushing control buttons, pitting chances with Suga and V lately. His quick mastery of the game started when he, as a little boy began discovering video games to tinker on.

Due to his love for gaming, Park Chanyeol went an extra mile to download an old Pokemon game. A personal apology followed as he got in trouble obtaining the game illegally.

When not performing, Chanyeol is a consistent player of Tekken in an arcade in Yeosinnae. Despite attempts to be anonymous, his ardent fans never fail to recognize him.

Switching characters and opponents are aspects of Chanyeol's games that would last for hours. He is noted comparably for his mastery of mobile games, online and offline gaming.

Psychologists list video games as an approach to boost concentration, strategy based win, teamwork, quick hand reflexes, steady eye movement and firm coordination.

Naming the above gaming attributes as non-functional in the K-Pop artists' solo and group performances is an understatement.

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