The girls of Brave Entertainment are finally back! March 7 marked the return of the agency's lead girl group, Brave Girls.

Brave Girls have finally made their comeback official on Tuesday, March 8, as they released their 4th mini album titled "Rollin". The mini album is composed of six tracks produced by Brave Brothers.

Brave Girls' "Rollin" is composed of the tracks "Rollin", "Memory", "No Rush", "High Heels" and "Outro (Rollin)". All songs were produced by the Brave Brothers except for "No Rush".

The music video for "Rollin" was also released in the same day with the album. The music video is rated "19+" as Brave Girls wore inappropriate clothing.

According to Soompi, Brave Girls' "Rollin" track belonged to the EDM genre with a touch of tropical house influence. Soompi also reports that the song "Rollin" talks of a one-sided love.

By January 13, Brave Girls have been promoting for their album "Rollin" with only 5 members - namely Yuna, Eunji, Yujeong, and Minyoung.

Member Hyeran is currently taking her break as per instruction from Brave Entertainment. Apparently, Hyeran has issues with her health - hence the agency's decision. It is still unclear if member Hyeran will be back within the year.

On the other hand, member Yoojin has officially quit from the group. Brave Entertainment stated that Yoojin will start focusing on her preparations as she will be studying abroad.

However, Brave Girls' "Rollin" still won't be permitted to broadcast nationally in Korea, as previously reported. This is because of KBS' recent decision.

Apparently, KBS has found out that some of the lyrics for Brave Girls' "Rollin" contained a Korean vernacular term for the word "embarrassment". The broadcasting station found the term to be vulgar - hence the station's decision.

Brave Girls may still broadcast the song. They only have to change the song's lyrics to meet KBS' standard.

Watch the MV for Brave Girls' "Rollin" below. Meanwhile, stay tuned here at KpopStarz for more K-pop news!

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