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This Idol Is Trashing 'Show Me The Money' Saying It's 'Fake'

By Chaeil Lee | October 10, 2017 05:49 PM EDT


'Show Me The Money' is one of the most successful rap competition oriented programs on Korean TV for years ever since its launch back in 2012. After 5 years of success, both within the program and marketing new and talented rappers, one idol is claiming the show is "completely scripted" and calling out everyone for being fake.

Popular Korean old-school rapper Tiger JK called out the program on his Twitter on October 10th and received mixed reviews from fans and netizens over his choice of words - especially after referring to the cast and participants as "little mafuckers."

Netizens were surprised to discover that Tiger JK had lost an endorsement deal suddenly because he "didn't have enough Instagram followers" compared to another rapper. The string of tweets revealing his situation and expressing his anger can be seen down below!

However, the bad-mouthing didn't end there. The rapper soon stated, "Maybe I have to post a d**k pic" making a gesture of how he should get more followers since he isn't popular like other rappers. Soon after complaining about his endorsement mishap, he immediately started rambling on about how 'Show Me The Money' was a disgrace to hip-hop.

You can also see the mixed reviews and responses fans had for Tiger JK's slew of messages (which can still be seen on his Twiter account). It seems Tiger JK has an agenda with the show and the people on it as well. What do you think of Tiger JK's sudden and shocking diss towards a show that helped him as well? Does he have a right to voice his anger or was his drunken behavior out of line? Share your thoughts down below!.

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